Demand Senators Reject Radical Leftist For FCC Post! FAX NOW!

In previous emails to Grassfire team members, we've shared recent warnings from The Wall Street Journal about Joe's "left-wing activist" nominee for the Federal Communications Commission. The editorial board's criticism includes her "apologetic animus to conservative views" and "support(ing) progressive attacks on law enforcement."

But former acting U.S. attorney general Matthew Whitaker says it's even worse than that. Back in November, his opinion article for the WSJ called Gigi Sohn "hyperpartisan," insisting that she "doesn't belong at the FCC." He also wrote:

What is breathtaking is her belief that the FCC's powers ought to be used to crack down on conservative speech. ... In her no-holds-barred partisanship, Ms. Sohn is a uniquely dangerous and utterly unqualified FCC nominee.

"America First" patriots must take action to ensure their First Amendment rights are not infringed by a partisan, politicized FCC. Grassfire is empowering team members to make their voices heard by instantly faxing every available Republican and Democrat on the Senate Commerce Committee. A majority of those Senators will have to vote "Yes" to move her nomination forward.

Take a stand now to "Protect Free Speech!" by sending up to 20 total faxes for only $15. Fax a personalized message to Senators and demand they vote "NO!" on Joe Biden's radical, leftist FCC nominee. Don't let the "Hate America" crowd silence conservative voices! Click here or on the banner below to reach key Republican and Democrat Senators now:

+ + Take Action To Stop Joe's Radical, Leftist FCC Nominee!

Joe's FCC nominee has described herself as a George Soros-supported, "wingnut communist." She's also shown herself to be anti-free speech, anti-conservative and anti-Trump -- even calling America's 45th president a "white supremacist."

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the ranking member of the Senate's Commerce Committee, which is expected to vote soon on whether to move Sohn's nomination to the floor for a full vote. He's said she exhibits "a willingness to abuse government power to go after and target those views you disagree with."

What do you think? If you want Senators to vote "No!" on her nomination, click here to fax key lawmakers now and demand they "Protect Free Speech!" Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action today.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. If you want Senators to defeat the nomination of radical, leftist Gigi Sohn for the FCC, please consider going the "EXTRA MILE" and choose LEVEL TWO faxes to reach an additional 31 GOP Senators (up to 51 total faxes) for $35 — a 30% discount. Contact every remaining Senate Democrat with a working fax line for $50. That's up to 85 total faxes at 40% off! Go here to fax now:

P.P.S. For a complete list of our available FaxFire targets and their contact information, click here. Read more about the FaxFire system's deliverability here.


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