There is a huge chasm of disconnect between what D.C. politicians think (even Republicans) and the views of grassroots, patriotic Americans.

Case in point: President Trump just took one of the boldest stances ever to stop illegal immigration in announcing tariffs against Mexico -- and immediately GOP senate leaders came out in opposition. Meanwhile, our Grassfire poll showed that 96% of you support the President's decision. And similar polls show conservatives overwhelmingly support the President's use of tariffs to protect America's interests.

Yet the disconnect remains, between the views of politicians and the common-sense thinking of patriotic Americans. But that is why Grassfire exists! We inform and equip hundreds of thousands of citizens every month and help bridge that gap to ensure that the voice of grassroots Americans is heard.

Meanwhile, the radical Left continues to push an agenda that will effectively criminalize Christianity. The Equality Act would force doctors and religious hospitals to perform sex-change operations, allow kids to choose their "gender identity" and even medically change their bodies without parental consent, allow men to access women's bathrooms and force churches to host gay weddings and hire and accommodate every possible gender identity. And it will ruin women's sports!

Grassfire team members have taken the lead on this issue, signing thousands of petitions and delivering thousands of faxes to Congress. But we must do more.

And so I'm asking you to stand with Grassfire this month.

You see, we're working hard to fight these battles. We helped nearly a quarter million grassroots conservatives stay engaged on the issues over the past month. But we need to expand to meet the challenges of our day!

Will you stand with Grassfire? If you can help with a contribution of just $20 or more to help Grassfire build, we'll send you our special 3-PAK of Patriotic Ribbon Magnets. These bold, 8-inch-tall magnets, hold up in the weather, and won't leave a mark on your car or your refrigerator. Go here to help and request your 3-PAK:


I want you to have these in time for July 4th so please let me hear from you this weekend if possible. 

Thanks for the stand you are taking!

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

P.S. There is no cost for shipping, but I do need to hear from you -- especially to make sure we get these to you by July 4th. We have a limited supply of the 3-Pak of Patriotic Ribbon Magnets. This is a great way to show your patriotism! Go here: