Conservatives Support Trump's Mexico Tariffs (poll)

A survey of Grassfire's national conservative team has revealed overwhelming support for President Trump's proposed tariffs on Mexico, with 96% supporting the tariffs. 

"Once again, President Trump's instincts match closely with his political base," says Grassfire's Steve Elliott. "With GOP leaders in the Senate openly opposing the idea of imposing tariffs on Mexico as a consequence for Mexico's unwillingness to help stop the flow of illegal immigration, Trump once again shows that he has a better read on the conservative base than the D.C. politicians."


Grassfire's poll, though technically non-scientific in that it is an open-ended, online poll, mirrors other national polls that measure where conservatives stand on Trump's use of tariffs to protect American interests. A Harvard/Harris poll showed that GOP voters overwhelmingly support Trump's China tariffs.

The results of the Grassfire online poll through June 6 were as follows:

Question: Do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE President Trump's new tariffs on Mexico to curb illegal immigration?

YES 4,244 (96%)
NO 181

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  • Mickie Johnson
    commented 2019-06-09 01:23:02 -0400
    Trump is showing us he is working for We the People by going after Mexico to help stop the illegals from coming. Since the Dems won’t help this is another way to do it and smart too!! Illegals get jobs, housing and some of our soldiers are out on the street. It has to stop! We are loosing too many young people to drugs brought over here and also people being victims of rape and murder from illegals. We don’t even know where they are living and Sanctuary cities shouldn’t get any Federal Money. They don’t follow the law then they can do it on their own.