Grassfire staff received a SHOCKING email this afternoon from President Trump, sent to us by his campaign. In it, he explains the circumstances surrounding how he learned about yet ANOTHER WITCH HUNT by radical, unhinged Democrats. It's the latest battle in the "WAR ON TRUMP!"

As with the previous bogus indictment against Mr. Trump, this one came via Joe's weaponized, politicized DOJ. In today's email, America's 45th Commander-in-Chief wrote that he first learned about this latest attack on Sunday night. The emphasis in the excerpt below is his:

The deranged prosecutor with Biden’s Department of Justice sent a letter, stating that I AM A TARGET OF THE JANUARY 6TH GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION.

They gave me a very short time period of 4 DAYS to report to the Grand Jury, which almost always means an ARREST and INDICTMENT.


This is just another vicious act of Election Interference on behalf of the Deep State to try and stop the Silent Majority from having a voice in your own country.

The radical, unhinged Left can't help themselves. They refuse to let up in their "WAR ON TRUMP." It's been going on since before he won the Oval Office in 2016 -- and the witch hunts just keep on coming.

The first time the DOJ indicted President Trump was just days after reports surfaced about a million-dollar bribery scandal involving Joe and Hunter. Today, IRS whistleblowers testified about the mishandling of Hunter's criminal probe.

Also, Joe, his White House and even the Secret Service are being accused of a "cocaine cover-up" after the discovery of the drug in the West Wing earlier this month. With their crimes threatening to be fully exposed, Joe and his ilk need their FAKE NEWS lapdogs to re-direct media attention and Americans' scrutiny.

Annnnd... "Voilà!" Here's ANOTHER ridiculous, baseless DOJ indictment of President Trump -- this time over the January 6 "insurrection." If you're tired of the ATTACKS ON TRUMP, sign the national petition demanding GOP lawmakers take action to end them!

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As Republican Reps and Senators continue working to expose Joe's and Hunter's scandal, corruption, influence peddling, etc., demand they also "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!" The third-world, banana-republic tactics from Joe's Regime MUST END. But they won't until "America First" patriots make their voices heard!

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The endless, ongoing witch hunts, nonstop political attacks, FAKE NEWS propaganda, bogus impeachments, and Deep State hit jobs are ALL blatant attempts to continue undermining President Trump and his efforts to win the White House again. The witch hunts MUST END NOW.

If the radical, unhinged Left and the "alphabet agencies" of Joe's Regime can get away with attacking President Trump, EVERY "political enemy" is fair game. That means YOU!

Take immediate action to demand GOP Reps and Senators: "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!" Click here to sign the national petition now. Thank you, in advance, for making your voice heard tonight.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Again, the attacks on President Trump will never end unless "America First" patriots, like you, make their voices heard. The Deep State, D.C. Swamp, radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left, Establishment Republicans, FAKE NEWS, Big Tech, and Hollywood Elitists won't stop -- unless they hear from outraged, fed-up Americans across this great nation. To stand with President Trump now, click here or on the banner below: