The projected number of U.S. deaths from COVID-19 just went down -- again! Original estimates predicted that 100,000 to 240,000 Americans would die from the virus. Yesterday, experts said 60,000 people in the U.S. will die, perhaps even less than that, by August 4, 2020.

According to a Reuters report, that's "down from the nearly 82,000 fatalities it had forecast on Tuesday." That's a 26% "downward revision" -- IN ONE DAY -- of a University of Washington model being used by state and federal officials!

In the wake of falling numbers like these, many Americans are asking how much longer our national shutdown will last. This morning, we may have found out.

In an interview with FOX & Friends this morning, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams told host Brian Kilmeade that we're still a full month away from re-opening the economy and getting America working again:

"(W)e need to keep doing it for the next 30 days. Our '30 Days to Stop the Spread' guidelines are working, and we need more people to do it. And, I know, Brian, folks want to reopen as soon as possible. Well, the key to reopening as soon as possible is to make sure we flatten our peak and get to the other side and really lean into this for the next 30 days."

The Center for Disease Control issued new guidelines yesterday to allow "essential workers" to return to their jobs. Kilmeade noted that Germany, Denmark and New Zealand are getting back to work, and he asked what needs to happen for America to do the same. Dr. Adams says it's all about "testing":

"We want to make sure we have testing available rapidly for people who need quick answers. We want to make sure we have testing available for surveillance. And, we want to make sure we have antibody testing."

Testing for "surveillance"? What does that mean? So much for the "land of the free." If COVID-19 is going to turn the "United States" into the "Police States," Americans need to take action now to stop it and restart the economy!

Yesterday, Grassfire officially launched the national "Get America Working Again!" Petition. (See below.) Team members who want to see the national shutdown end can make their voices heard now! Click here or on the banner below to sign the national "Get America Working Again!" Petition:

By adding your name to the "Get America Working Again!" Petition, you can amplify your voice in this fight. Once Grassfire reaches 20,000 signatures, our representatives will hand-deliver your petition to key House and Senate leaders on Capitol Hill. Click here to sign now.

Thanks, in advance, for taking action today.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Please see yesterday's message below for more information about the national "Get America Working Again!" Petition. Also, please see Grassfire's updated COVID-19 COUNTERDRUDGE headlines for Thursday, April 9, at the bottom of this message.

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