ALERT: CDC Authorizes Forced "Jabs" For Kids! Do You Agree?

Yesterday's shocking, unanimous vote (15-0) by the CDC on "recommending" the COVID "vaccine" for kids WILL force "the jab" on schoolchildren. It could lead to mandates requiring kids as young as SIX MONTHS OLD receive the still, largely experimental shot.

For those claiming the CDC's immunization schedule is not a requirement, Tucker Carlson EXPOSED that lie the day BEFORE the Biden Regime expanded their COVID tyranny to target infants. On Wednesday's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," he explained:

"If that vote passes, children will be forced to take the shot -- the shot they do not need, no scientific basis for acquiring it and the shot that could hurt them. They have to take that shot in order to be educated in the United States in a public school. ... More than a dozen states follow the CDC's immunization schedule to set vaccination requirements, not suggestions, REQUIREMENTS for children to be educated." (Watch the segment here.)

Click here for complete coverage of the Biden CDC's COVID-tyranny vote in today's GrassfireVIP News Digest.

According to the CDC's own data, COVID has claimed the lives of 1,314 children since January 2020. Coronavirus deaths account for only 1.4% of all juvenile fatalities (95,987) over the past two years. This morning, the Daily Mail reports:

Children are typically at much lower risk of becoming severely ill with Covid-19 compared to older adults and have so far not been prioritized for vaccines. The relatively low risk that Covid-19 poses to children has convinced some infectious disease experts that vaccines are not necessary to protect otherwise healthy kids. Vaccine makers have not yet presented extensive real world evidence pointing to how well the pediatric shots perform.

The British media outlet also quotes a hematologist, oncologist and health researcher at the University of California San Francisco who says there's "no convincing evidence [the jab] helps the 86% of kids who already had COVID" and "no evidence it will help kids... against whatever new strain comes."

That's why, last night, Grassfire launched the "Protect Our Kids?" FlashPoll. (Please see our "launch email" below.) If you're a parent, grandparent or simply a liberty-loving, "America First" patriot, we want to give you a voice in the debate about mandating a still-experimental "vaccine" for children -- a vaccine that does not prevent acquiring or transmitting COVID.

Please see below to vote "YES!" or "NO!" on jab mandates now. We want to know what you think. Thanks, in advance, for taking action this morning.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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Thursday evening:

URGENT: Biden's CDC Wants COVID Jabs For EVERY Kid! Do You Agree?

This afternoon, Joe Biden's CDC (Centers for Disease Control) voted 15-0 to recommend adding COVID-19 mRNA shots to the annual Childhood Vaccination Schedule. Ignoring the mounting data that the "jab" is ineffective in preventing someone from catching or transmitting the virus, the Biden Regime is doubling down on their COVID tyranny.

Grassfire knows that today's unanimous recommendation by the CDC is likely to create an uproar of outrage among our patriotic, freedom-loving, "America First" team members. That's why we took immediate action to empower you with the ability to make your voice heard. Tonight, we're launching an EMERGENCY "Protect Our Kids?" FlashPoll.

If you think it's time for parents and grandparents to RISE UP and "Protect Our Kids!" from the Biden regime's endless COVID tyranny, click here or on the "NO JAB MANDATES!" image below. If you think the coronavirus really is a serious threat to children and the current "vaccines" are useful in the fight against coronavirus, click here or on the "YES JAB MANDATES!" image below.


Do you think the CDC vote today was ill-informed, unscientific and downright shocking? Are you outraged by or accepting of the possibility of jab mandates for children? Please let us know what you think by taking our "Protect Our Kids?" FlashPoll now.

After voting, please forward this message to your friends and family members so they can vote, too. Grassfire staff will share the results of our one-question "Joe Must Go?" QuickPoll when it reaches 10,000 votes. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard tonight.

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P.S. Please note that our QuickPolls are not scientific, nor are they meant to endorse a specific candidate or position. They're for informational purposes only.

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