Think The Radical, Unhinged Left's COVID Tyranny Is Over? Think Again!

You can fax Senators now to demand they stop COVID tyranny by outlawing "jab" mandates for children! After two years of unnecessary and unconstitutional business shutdowns, school closures, "vaccine" mandates, censorship and worse, Joe Biden's CDC is still trying to control We the People. It's time for "America First" patriots to RISE UP and "Protect Our Kids!" 

The CDC's ill-informed, unscientific and shocking UNANIMOUS vote last month to recommend COVID vaccines be added to the child-immunization schedule is outrageous. The coronavirus isn't a serious threat to children, and current COVID "vaccines" don't prevent people from getting the virus OR transmitting it. How can anyone call for "pandemic amnesty" when the Biden Regime is STILL trying to mandate "the jab"?

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Fax key Senators and demand they "Protect Our Kids!" Call on them to stop any and all COVID jab mandates for children. Utilize our unique FaxFire system to send your personalized message to 14 Senate Republicans facing re-election and four key Democrat Senators battling to keep their seat in the Upper Chamber on November 8. (Up to 18 faxes)

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Once you select your fax level below, you will be directed to a page where you can customize your "Protect Our Kids!" fax message and finalize your order.

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Fax all LEVEL THREE targets (up to 85 faxes), and CHIP IN $10 to help Grassfire build!