We just got word that a new SPENDING SCAM is just days away.

Next week, Congress hits the deadline for its latest "continuing resolution." That means they will use the threat of a shutdown to force MORE SPENDING and MORE DEFICITS on our nation.

Right now, GOP RINOs are working behind closed doors with the Left to concoct their latest SPENDING SCAM.

But there is a solution...

Congress can simply HOLD THE LINE from last year's budget deal and TRIGGER $100 MILLION IN AUTOMATIC CUTS!

ANOTHER manufactured crisis is unfolding before our eyes on Capitol Hill. ANOTHER threat of a government shutdown has panicked, tax-and-spend lawmakers breathlessly calling for ANOTHER "Spending Scam"! ANOTHER short-term CR is the same "business as usual" antics of the D.C. Uni-Party.

That's why the House Freedom Caucus is calling on Speaker Johnson to HOLD THE LINE on spending by triggering the automatic cuts.

With our unique FaxFire system, you can immediately reach key House Republicans to demand they defund the "America Last" agenda of the Biden Regime, radical Democrats and Establishment RINOs. Take immediate action to urge GOP Reps to "Stop The Scam, Hold The Line!"! Click here to fax now and make your voice heard.

Call on dozens of Republican House members to hold the line.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.P.S. To send your own faxes, click here for a complete list of FaxFire targets and their contact info. Read about the FaxFire system's deliverability here.