MAGA, Inc. has recognized a disturbing pattern related to Joe's alleged corruption and Trump indictments. An email to a Grassfire staff member this morning noted:

"Every time that Biden wrongdoing is uncovered, President Trump is targeted by Democrat lawfare."

This isn't speculation on MAGA, Inc.'s part. They have "receipts."

•On April 4, news broke about Joe's reported "mishandling of classified documents." On the same day, Manhattan DA indicted President Trump.

•On June 8, House Republicans implicate Joe and Hunter in a $10-million bribery scheme involving Ukraine. On the same day, Joe's Department of "Justice" (DOJ) indicts President Trump over "classified" documents.

•Last week, on July 26, Hunter's "sweetheart" plea deal with prosecutors fell apart in court. The next day, Smith made news by filing a "superseding indictment" tied to his June 8 indictment of President Trump.

•On Monday, Hunter’s ex-business partner testified before the House Oversight Committee and exposed  Joe's lie that he "never" talked to his son about his business. Yesterday, Smith filed another indictment against President Trump -- this time related to January 6.

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Again, it seems as if every time things are going bad for Joe and the rest of the "Biden Crime Family," President Trump faces yet ANOTHER WITCH HUNT. Tell Joe's regime you're tired of their attacks, which "45" calls acts of "Election Interference."

If you agree, click here or on the banner below to take immediate action by demanding Representatives and Senators "Stop Trump Attacks!" See this morning's email below to find out why YOU might be the DOJ's next target. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard tonight.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. The attacks on President Trump will never end unless "America First" patriots, like you, make their voices heard. The Deep State, D.C. Swamp, radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left, Establishment Republicans, FAKE NEWS, Big Tech, and Hollywood Elitists won't stop -- unless outraged, fed-up Americans across this great nation take action. Click here or on the banner below now to demand the GOP "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!" by Joe's DOJ:

Wednesday morning:

More hugely incriminating evidence surfaced about the "Biden Crime Family" on Monday. So, what did Joe's politicized and weaponized DOJ do? Their "special counsel" indicted President Trump AGAIN on ludicrous charges, claiming he tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 election by calling it "rigged."

If criticizing election results is a criminal offense, America's jails and prisons would be full of DEMOCRATS who questioned the outcome of the 2016 vote. Don't forget, Democrat protests resulted in the years-long Russia hoax investigation. That blatant attack tried to destroy Donald Trump's presidency!

If you publicly called for election integrity, accountability and transparency to protest what appeared to be an "engineered" election result, could you be the DOJ's next target? If "45" is convicted and imprisoned, what would stop the radical, unhinged Left and "woke mob" from trying to silence -- or even prosecute -- other "America First" patriots for "disinformation," "wrongthink" or what George Orwell called "thoughtcrime" in his dystopian novel, 1984?

Legal experts have already said this new indictment, basically, criminalizes free speech -- or, at least, speech Democrats don't like! Joe's DOJ is, once again, using America's two-tiered justice system to attack his #1 political opponent. It's alarmingly unconstitutional and unAmerican.

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If the Biden Regime's ongoing, third-world, Banana Republic, Stasi-like tactics are ever going to end, GOP lawmakers MUST stand up and fight -- NOW! You can demand they stop this latest attack on America's 45th Commander-in-Chief.

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The radical, unhinged Left can't help themselves. They refuse to let up in their "WAR ON TRUMP." It's been going on since President Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. Also, the more evidence of corruption that House Republicans expose about the "Biden Crime Family," the more Joe's politicized and weaponized Department of "Justice" focuses on Trump witch hunts!

The nonstop political attacks, FAKE NEWS propaganda, bogus impeachments, Deep State hit jobs and endless witch hunts are ALL blatant attempts to continue undermining President Trump and his efforts to win the White House again. If the radical, unhinged Left and Joe's DOJ can keep attacking him, EVERY "political enemy" is fair game -- including YOU!

The witch hunts MUST END NOW. Take immediate action to demand GOP lawmakers: "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!" Click here to sign the national petition now. Thank you, in advance, for making your voice heard.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. As Republican Reps and Senators continue working to expose Joe's and Hunter's alleged scandals, corruption, influence peddling, etc., demand they also "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!" The Witch Hunts won't end until "America First" patriots make their voices heard! To stand with President Trump now, click here or on the banner below:

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