There's only one choice For America... Vote Red

America faces an existential crisis -- will we even exist as a nation?

+ + Our national identity is under assault...
There is an effort underway to destroy our national identity, our cultural identity, our faith identity, our family identity... even our sexual identity as male and female!

Why? Because without these cornerstone identities, We The People become fractured, divided, and controllable by both government and their cohorts in the media.

That's why Grassfire -- America's truly independent patriot conservative network -- has created the SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED rallying point.

We must vote red to:

Our goal is to REACH one million citizens with SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED.

Three actions to help America Vote Red...

  1. Go here to say "I WILL VOTE RED"  or text "RED" to 757-702-5157 and spread the word to family and friends.
  2. Add "Vote Red" to your social media profiles.
  3. Like, Follow and Share our official "VOTE RED" Facebook page (over 100k strong!)

Also, Help us reach 1 million citizens with SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED!

Thank you for taking action to SAVE AMERICA by VOTING RED!

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