For the safety and protection of our children and grandchildren... Vote Red!

There is an insidious attack underway to destroy our children. These policies are pushing trans-gender ideas into elementary schools, destroying girls sports, and giving minors access to gender mutilation without knowledge or consent of parents. And now we have the CDC pushing a covid jab mandate that will require the jab for children to enter public schools in many states:

These are policies of RADICAL BLUE politicians and institutions. That's why to protect our kids from mandatory covid jabs and woke genderism, we MUST VOTE RED!

Our goal is to REACH one million citizens with SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED.

Four Action Items:

  1. Go here to say "I WILL VOTE RED"  or text "RED" to 757-702-5157 and spread the word to family and friends.
  2. Add "Vote Red" to your social media profiles.
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  4. Help us reach 1 million citizens with SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED!

Thank you for taking action to SAVE AMERICA by VOTING RED!

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