Joe wants $61 BILLION more from U.S. taxpayers to support his proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. He's also asking for $14 BILLION to help Israel destroy Hamas.

The United States is $33 TRILLION in debt -- and rising! Inflation is out of control. So is government spending. America continues borrowing money from China just to stay afloat.

Meanwhile, our great nation's southern border is being overrun in a literal INVASION OF ILLEGAL ALIENS. Yet, Joe's Regime and the D.C. Uni-Party are ignoring the increasing crime, drugs and misery resulting from what's become a massive humanitarian crisis.

Grassfire wants to know what you think. Should the United States be more focused on helping Ukraine and Israel? Or should America take immediate and definitive action to end the emergency at our southern border? Make your voice heard by clicking one of the images below:

Which One Should Be America's Priority?


Please tell us whether or not you support more taxpayer funding for Israel and Ukraine, or if you'd rather see lawmakers solve the border crisis. After voting, send this email to your family and friends. We want to know what they think, too. Thank you, in advance, for participating in our new "Priority?" QuickPoll.