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The financial and political website ZeroHedge says House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) "only solution" to prevent a partial-government shutdown on October 1 is to "cave to the Freedom Caucus." Here's their take on the SPENDING SCAM fight and McCarthy's efforts to pass a 31-day continuing resolution (CR) to keep the lights on in D.C.:

"The problem for Kevin is that he needs votes from members of the Freedom Caucus, who are demanding that the CR be spliced up so that it doesn't fund 'the election interference of Jack Smith,' according to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). Gaetz also wants McCarthy to sign a subpoena to better investigation Hunter Biden's alleged 'high crimes and misdemeanors.'"

In this morning's SPENDING SCAM update (see below), Grassfire told you how a group of about two dozen "America First" Representatives are rejecting McCarthy's CR. They refuse to "kick the can down the road" by supporting any bill that Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) calls "an extension of Nancy Pelosi's spending and Joe Biden's policies."

A vote on the CR is likely TOMORROW. That means "America First" patriots, like you, would have less than 24 HOURS to pressure Republican Representatives to stop runaway government spending. Demand they defund Joe's and the D.C. Uni-Party's "America Last" agenda.

What happens in this SPENDING SCAM battle is CRITICAL to the future of our great nation! If you want to prevent the House GOP from green-lighting more out-of-control, socialist-style spending, take action now!

Click here or on the banner below to sign the "STOP THE SPENDING SCAM" national petition now. Call on GOP Representatives to save our great nation from becoming "America The Socialist":

Will America remain the home of life, liberty and limited government? Or will "the land of the free and home of the brave" devolve into a socialist, totalitarian, police state? What happens in the next 24 hours could set our nation's course for decades to come. Go here to sign the national petition now. The clock is ticking! Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Joe's Regime and the D.C. Uni-Party will NOT solve America's $2 trillion deficit and $33 trillion national debt with more and more wasteful, radical, government spending. See this morning's update below to learn more about what's at stake tomorrow, or take immediate action to "Stop The Spending Scam!" by clicking here or on the banner below now:

Wednesday morning:


FOX News is sticking with their divisive language ("rebel uprising") to describe "America First" Representatives opposed to runaway government spending. A group of about two dozen conservative House members are, so far, rejecting a 31-day continuing resolution (CR) to avert a temporary government shutdown on October 1.

They're refusing to "kick the can down the road" with more smoke-and-mirrors governing. Instead, they want to stay true to the reasons why Americans gave Republicans control of the "Lower Chamber" last year -- to defund Joe's radical, far-left agenda. Yesterday, FOX News spoke with House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) about his opposition to the CR:

"I've said for months now that I will not support a continuing resolution that is merely an extension of Nancy Pelosi's spending and Joe Biden's policies that we voted against, that Republicans voted against for the last two years."

Rosendale added that he and other GOP Reps want to "send a message loudly and clearly." Regardless of a pending government shutdown, they want current spending priorities in the House to fund a government that will "actually do its job and secure the border."

If you support Rosendale's efforts and those of other "America First" Reps to rein in runaway government spending, Grassfire is empowering you to make your voice heard. Sign the national "STOP THE SPENDING SCAM!" national petition to demand House Republican leaders defund Joe's and the Uni-Party's "America Last" agenda.

This SPENDING SCAM and the Uni-Party's effort to force Joe's and the Unhinged Left's "America Last" policies down taxpayers' throats really is unacceptable. The House wields "the power of the purse," so "America First" Representatives CAN hold the line and stop the next SPENDING SCAM. That's why we're empowering our team members to make their voices heard!

Is today the day you stand with nearly two dozen brave House Freedom Caucus members to defund Joe's and the D.C. Uni-Party's America Last" agenda?

We need at least 20,000 "America First" patriots on record AGAINST this latest Big Government SPENDING SCAM. Without reaching that signature threshold, the petitions won't have the impact needed to "move the needle" with GOP Leaders on Capitol Hill. You can fight ANY AND ALL EFFORTS to continue funding Joe's failed, tyrannical Regime by signing the national petition now!

Thanks, in advance, for supporting America's founding principles of life, liberty and limited government by taking immediate action this morning.

The Grassfire Team

P.S. If you're outraged by ANY Republican supporting the next SPENDING SCAM from Joe's Regime, take action now. If the House GOP caves to the Uni-Party's runaway government spending, it will be a HUGE slap in the face to hard-working American taxpayers AND to voters who gave Republicans control of the Lower Chamber. Go here to add your name to the "Stop The Spending Scam!" national petition now:


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