Well, so much for "MAGA Mike"! The still-wet-behind-the-ears House Speaker appears to be falling in line with the D.C. Uni-Party. The Louisiana "Republican" announced yesterday that he's defying his conservative, small-government principles to continue the tax-and-spend policies of the Democrat Party and GOP Establishment. POLITICO reports:

Speaker Mike Johnson defied his right flank Friday morning, suggesting that he would maintain a bipartisan spending deal that they despise. Delivering a written statement to reporters, Johnson nodded to conservative anger about the agreement that he negotiated with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. But he added that "our top line agreement remains."

This new SPENDING SCAM is another legislative outrage from the D.C. Uni-Party. The GOP-controlled House is supposed to control the "power of the purse," yet Johnson is bowing to the spending priorities of Joe, Chuck and Nancy! Why? To avert a partial shutdown of an already bloated, ineffective and runaway government!

The first votes on this SPENDING SCAM are expected early next week. You can fax Speaker Johnson and other key House Republicans now. Demand they STOP acting outside the Constitution and pass an actual budget -- NOT another $1.7-TRILLION continuing resolution!

Click here or on the banner below now to sign the "Stop The Spending Scam!" national petition. Call on GOP Reps to defund Joe's and the D.C. Uni-Party's "America Last" agenda

ANOTHER manufactured crisis is taking shape on Capitol Hill. ANOTHER threat of a government shutdown has panicked, tax-and-spend lawmakers breathlessly calling for ANOTHER "Spending Scam"! ANOTHER CR is the same "business as usual" antics of the D.C. Uni-Party.

It only takes a few clicks to demand GOP Representatives stop Speaker Johnson's "surrender" to Democrats and RINOs. Click here to add your name now, and demand Republican House members "Stop The Spending Scam!" Thank you, in advance, for taking action today.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

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P.S. The D.C. Uni-Party continues to spend and spend and spend to grow government bigger and bigger and bigger. In yesterday's update (see below), we told you how this new SPENDING SCAM is also a literal Trojan Horse for illegal immigration. If you're tired of "business as usual" in our nation's capital, make your voice heard now! Go here to take action to "Stop The Spending Scam!" BEFORE any votes take place on Capitol Hill:

Friday morning:

"This is the worst thing you've ever seen." --Steve Bannon

The dirty, backroom SPENDING SCAM between Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is getting blasted by conservatives. Not only will the $1.7-TRILLION continuing resolution (CR) extend the destructive, Big Government spending priorities of Joe, Nancy and Chuck, it's a literal Trojan Horse for illegal immigration.

"This is unbelievably traitorous," insists Rosemary Jenks of the Immigration Accountability Project. In an interview on Steve Bannon's "War Room" yesterday, Jenks warns that the CR includes "actual incentives for illegal immigration." She said the bill would provide "immediate work permits for every illegal alien who is released from custody."

There are even more reasons for "America First" patriots to hate the latest SPENDING SCAM from the D.C. Uni-Party: Both Schumer and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) LOVE this dirty, backroom deal.

Punchbowl News reports that "during [a] closed-door lunch" yesterday, McConnell "told GOP senators that this is Congress' moment to do a border deal" and urged Republicans "to 'take this opportunity' now because a border deal w/Dems won't happen under a 2nd Trump presidency." He's absolutely right, because President Trump doesn't sell out America like RINOs do!

As we told you yesterday, Schumer has called this latest SPENDING SCAM "a good deal for Democrats," which means it's a BAD DEAL for America. If you agree, Grassfire is empowering you to make your voice heard. Take action BEFORE the first votes on this radical, far-left, Trojan Horse CR, which are expected early next week on Capitol Hill.

Sign the national "STOP THE SPENDING SCAM!" national petition to demand House Republican leaders defund Joe's and the Uni-Party's "America Last" agenda. Click here or on the banner below to add your name now. Call on GOP Reps to save our great nation from becoming "America The Socialist"

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Support efforts by "America First" Reps to rein in runaway government spending! Add your name to the "Stop The Spending Scam!" national petition to protest this latest BIDEN BOONDOGGLE by Joe and the D.C. Uni-Party. When we reach 20,000 signatures, Grassfire representatives will deliver your petition to key House and Senate Republicans to demand they defund the "America Last" agenda of the Biden Regime, radical Democrats and Establishment RINOs.

The first votes on this "unbelievably traitorous" CR, which locks in the spending priorities of Joe, Nancy and Chuck, are expected on Tuesday of next week. Let Grassfire empower you to take action and make your voice heard. Sign now to demand GOP Reps and Senators "Stop The Spending Scam!"

The House wields "the power of the purse," so America First Reps CAN hold the line and stop "business as usual" in Washington, D.C. That's why we're empowering our team members to take immediate action. Click here to demand GOP Reps stop funding the D.C. Uni-Party's "Hate America" policies! Thank you, in advance, for instantly making your voice heard.

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P.S. We need at least 20,000 "America First" patriots on record AGAINST this latest Big Government SPENDING SCAM. Without reaching that signature threshold, the petitions won't have the impact needed to "move the needle" with GOP Leaders on Capitol Hill. You can fight any and all efforts to continue funding Joe's failed, tyrannical Regime by signing the national petition now! Go here:


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