A marriage between one man and one woman has been a fundamental, building block of society for thousands of years, but the Unhinged Left and "woke mob" want to force EVERY American to embrace their radical, LGBTQ agenda. So, the Biden Regime and "Uni-Party" lawmakers are targeting conservatives, Christians and other people of faith with the so-called "Respect For Marriage Act."

Earlier today, Grassfire received an email update from the office of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA). Representatives are scheduled to vote on the horribly misnamed bill at around 10:30 a.m. ET tomorrow (Thursday). That gives you and other "America First" patriots less than 24 hours to make your voices heard. Click here to fax GOP Representatives now.

"We the People" have seen enough of the far-Left's "cancel culture" to know they'll attack anyone and everyone who refuses to embrace their godless, socialist and progressive "group think." If you object to same-sex marriage, homosexuality and/or transgenderism on religious or moral grounds, you deserve to have your voice heard -- and protected.

Shame on RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who supported this bill, thinking it won't put a target on the backs of millions of Americans who reject pro-gay and pro-trans ideology. That's EXACTLY what H.R.8404 does. This anti-faith, pro-LGBTQ legislation is a DIRECT THREAT to the First Amendment rights of religious liberty and free speech.

That's why Grassfire is empowering you to fax DOZENS of key Republican House members to "Stop The Dis-Respect For Marriage Act!" Take immediate action to protect your freedom of religion AND freedom of speech. Click here or on the banner below now to instantly fax EVERY House Republican leader and other key GOP Representatives on Capitol Hill -- for as little as $15:

+ + Fight To Protect Your First-Amendment, Religious-Liberty Rights!

If the Biden Regime and their "Uni-Party" allies get their way, your First Amendment rights are about to be CANCELED! The House of Representatives is expected to vote TOMORROW at around 10:30 a.m. ET on the Senate version of the horribly misnamed "Respect For Marriage Act." Click here to fax Republican lawmakers now.

H.R.8404 is a DIRECT ATTACK on freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Are you a conservative, a Christian or a person of another faith who objects to same-sex marriage, homosexuality and/or transgenderism on religious or moral grounds? If so, this anti-faith, pro-LGBTQ bill could punish you for your sincerely held beliefs. THAT'S NOT THE AMERICAN WAY!

Representatives could send this bill to Joe Biden's desk for his signature LESS THAN 24 HOURS FROM NOW. The so-called "Respect For Marriage Act" targets the constitutional rights of Americans who hold traditional views on marriage and sexuality. Click here to send your personalized message to GOP House members on Capitol Hill now -- for as low as $15.

Because RINO Senators failed last week, it's up to House Republicans to keep fighting! So, we're empowering you to instantly reach dozens of lawmakers to demand they "Stop The Dis-Respect For Marriage Act!" Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action tonight to make your voice heard in our nation's capital.

Standing for life liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team 

P.S. Again, "America First" patriots have less than 24 hours to make their voices heard to stop the so-called "Respect For Marriage Act" from becoming law. You can take a stand, right now, to protect every Americans' constitutional, First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion regarding same-sex marriage, homosexuality and transgenderism.

Click here or on the banner below now to fax up to 20 key GOP Representatives for only $15 or up to 46 House Republicans for just $30. You can also reach every GOP member of Congress who has a working fax number (up to 190 total) for only $70:

P.P.S. For a complete list of FaxFire targets and their contact information, click here. Read about the FaxFire system's deliverability here.