It's happening AGAIN -- and this time Congressional Republicans and President Trump just announced that they are partnering with Democrats on a DIRTY BUDGET DEAL that greatly expands government spending and creates $1 Trillion deficits for the foreseeable future -- with no real spending cuts!

Right now, the Pelosi House is RUSHING to push through the back-room deal and pass this massive spending and deficit boondoggle BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEK. And not only have most Republicans been silent, they are COMPLICIT in the spending madness.

+ + Rush Limbaugh: "Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore."

This is OUTRAGEOUS. If this were happening under the Obama Presidency, every GOP member of Congress would be outraged and pushing citizens to rise up in opposition. But we haven't heard even a peep from GOP leaders because THEY ARE IN ON THE SCAM!

How bad is it?

Really bad. Here are a few LOWLIGHTS:

  • It will add another $2 TRILLION in additional deficits on top of the already impossible mountain of debt;
  • ANNUAL deficits will exceed $1 TRILLION starting in 2022 and continue indefinitely;
  • There are NO REAL SPENDING CUTS because the "cuts" take place in the distant future and will be repealed by future Congresses (just as this deal does);
  • The dirty deal extends the debt ceiling limit UNTIL 2021 so politicians do not have to deal with this issue until after the next election!

As Rush Limbaugh recently said, reflecting on the GOP's loss of principle on this issue, "Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore."

++Action: Sign the "STOP THE SPENDING MADNESS" petition

Grassfire's "SPENDING MADNESS" petition is designed as a rallying point for grassroots conservatives who are fed up with the federal government's ongoing spending addiction.

We want to rally 10,000 citizens to sign the petition THIS WEEK. If you are outraged, go here to ad your name to the STOP THE SPENDING MADNESS" fax targets of your choosing and get your message delivered right now:

+ + Where is the TEA party?

If concerned patriots stay silent, then we must ask whether the TEA PARTY is now officially dead.

After all, the TEA PARTY was organized around THIS ISSUE of runaway taxes and government spending. Want some proof? Did you know "TEA" was originally an acronym for "TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY."

I was at those first meetings when we gathered in town squares across the country and DEMANDED that Congress stop the out-of-control government spending and STOP ObamaCare taxation that was set to destroy our country. I spoke to hundreds of citizens who were ready to take action. TEN YEARS LATER the only thing that has changed is that the GOP is leading the SPENDING MADNESS charge!

Will we remain silent? Or will we take action?

Go here to sign the petition.

For liberty and limited government,

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

P.S. Again, the House will vote THIS WEEK and the GOP is working the backroom deal with Pelosi to create TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICITS for the foreseeable future. Go here to sign the petition


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