A relatively small, but determined, group of "America First" Representatives knows what's at stake this month. The Wall Street Journal reports:

(W)ith government funding expiring on Oct. 1, hard-line Republicans returning to work this week are signaling they are ready to use tougher tactics to extract concessions. The expected face-off could lead to a government shutdown this fall, or even potentially trigger a vote on keeping [Kevin] McCarthy as speaker. ...

The disputes are many, but they center on cutting federal spending and stepping up border security, with opposition to Ukraine funding and complaints about Justice Department prosecutions of former President Donald Trump and others.

To those concerned about the possibility of "a brief shutdown," the WSJ quoted Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC): "If a temporary shutdown is more concerning to you than our $2 trillion deficit and $33 trillion national debt, I'd politely suggest you're part of the problem."

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If you want to know why House Majority Leader Steve Scalise's (R-LA) office thinks government funding is the most urgent issue on Capitol Hill, see yesterday's update below. Or click here now to demand GOP leaders "Stop The Spending Scam!" Thanks, in advance, for taking action today.

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Tuesday morning:


The House is back in session TODAY after a six-week summer recess. (It must be nice to have that much time off at taxpayers' expense.) Their first order of business is ANOTHER looming budget battle that will likely lead to another billion-dollar SPENDING SCAM -- thanks to Joe's Regime and the D.C. Uni-Party.

"America First" Reps will need to hold the line against radical, tax-and-spend Democrats and Establishment RINOs, who REFUSE to defund their "America Last" agenda. As usual, they're using a possible government shut down -- this time on September 30 -- to threaten conservative lawmakers to spend more of your hard-earned tax dollars, financing Joe's and his Regime's push to create a socialist, totalitarian, police state. 

Last week, Grassfire reached out to the office of House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) to ask, "What's the most urgent issue facing grassroots conservatives, as Congress begins this new session?" Our Capitol Hill contact insisted it was this budget battle:

"We hope to move appropriations bills... These are all very conservative bills which will need support ahead of the government funding deadline on September 30th."

If you want to support GOP efforts to "Stop The Spending Scam!", Grassfire is empowering you to make your voice heard. Just this morning, we re-launched our national petition to target key House Republicans, so you can stand AGAINST Joe, his fellow radical Democrats and Uni-Party RINOs. Urge EVERY Republican Representative to vote "NO!" on funding the Regime's "America Last" agenda!

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This SPENDING SCAM and the Uni-Party's effort to force Joe's radical, unhinged "Hate America" policies down taxpayers' throats really is unacceptable. But "America First" patriots in the House can HOLD THE LINE and stop the next SPENDING SCAM. We're empowering our team members to take action now and make their voices heard!

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