America is in lockdown. It could get more locked down. Here are my thoughts. --Steve

What began as a shutdown of sporting events and a switch to working from home is quickly accelerating. Millions of Americans now face statewide "stay-at-home" orders, shutting down 100% of "non-essential" businesses, and an epidemic of fear and panic that threatens our nation in a fundamental way.

And the panic will likely get worse this week.

That's because the FEAR MEDIA will only promote GROSS TOTALS of massive increases in COVID-19 cases and rising U.S. death numbers. They refuse to report the REAL STORY that the increase in testing is actually revealing that the coronavirus crisis may not be as bad as they projected, which should bring into question the U.S. economic shutdown and "stay home" orders that threaten our nation and our liberties.

I want to be clear -- I'm not saying that the coronavirus isn't serious. I'm saying you are being MANIPULATED with data in a way to promote fear and to fan the flames of suspending more and more of our liberties. 

For example... 

Have you heard the FEAR MEDIA report that with the increased volume of testing we've seen the U.S. MORTALITY RATIO  drop from about 4% originally to 1.2%? This fact is lost in reports of the increased death toll and the "spike" in new cases (mostly due to the increased volume of testing).

So if your governor hasn't pressed the PANIC button yet and ordered all schools closed through the end of the school year or ordered you to STAY HOME, it's likely coming.

Why does the dropping mortality RATIO matter? Because the U.S. Shutdown began when the "experts" were openly talking about a 3.4% mortality RATE. That was the fear. But the U.S. data and most of the global data shows the actual mortality ratios are dropping. Even in Wuhan, China -- where it all started -- the recently revised mortality RATIO is 1.4%! 

And it is reasonable to project that the actual Mortality RATE will be even lower -- one-half to one-fourth (.6% or .3%) of the current ratio. That's because a significant percentage (86% in Wuhan China) who get COVID-19 never get sick enough to even be tested!

Again, I'm not saying that COVID-19 is not a serious issue. It is. We should follow all good hygiene patterns. We should fiercely protect our SENIORS and especially those with existing health problems, such as heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, etc. THEY ARE THE MOST AT RISK.

But very quickly, the societal cost of the shutdown/lockdown is eclipsing the health risk for the vast majority of Americans. This was precisely the President's message yesterday when he warned precisely this and said America needs to be "open for business" in "weeks" not "months."

So here's what I'm asking you to do.

#1 -- Take our Grassfire Coronavirus Impact Survey. This is VERY IMPORTANT. We want to publish the results this week, but we want as many team members as possible to participate. Go here to complete the survey. (Note: If you took the survey before yesterday, please visit our survey page again, as we ADDED two important questions.)

#2 -- Bookmark Grassfire's Coronavirus Resource Page and share this information with others. We've included links so you can access the data directly, along with sources and opinions you won't hear in the "mainstream" media.

Main pageTruth on Mortality RateCurrent U.S. Mortality RatioAlternative View

#3 -- Plant a "Flag Of Faith" during these challenging times, while also helping Grassfire get the word out to other concerned citizens. Our "God Bless America" yard signs are a great way to FIGHT THE FEAR. Click here to order yours now.

Most importantly, PRAY for our nation! Pray for the President and his team. Pray for a quick resolution to this coronavirus crisis. And pray for God's mercy on our land through these challenging times.

Steve Elliott