How was the debt ceiling dirty deal RIGGED by the Uniparty? We're glad you asked...

After months of whining and complaining and weeks of negotiations, over the Memorial Day holiday weekend the McCarthy-Biden "negotiators" emerged from their dark cabal and produced a debt ceiling bill that betrayed all conservative principles AND effectively ELIMINATED the debt ceiling.

Democrats had one condition...

House Republicans had to produce 150 YES votes so that McCarthy actually had skin in the game.(1)

Then the votes were counted...

149 GOP YES votes in the House. What a coincidence.

But it gets worse...

The Senate barely had the bill long enough for the oldest members to use their walkers and wheel chairs to get the Senate floor before the upper chamber was casting votes...

There was no need to "invoke cloture" and end debate because Schumer's "motion to proceed" was granted without objection.

This sped things up considerably (we've got planes to catch and we don't like working on Fridays).

Then, a series of dead-end amendments were quickly and quietly rejected.

So finally the Senate voted to rubber stamp the McCarthy-Biden deal, unedited.

But something funny happened when they voted...

Just enough Republicans voted YES to demonstrate they could overcome cloture (60 votes) but the rest of the GOP Senators (the vast majority in fact) voted no.

What a coincidence!

So McCarthy "delivered" just enough votes per his backroom deal with fellow Uniparty Democrats, while GOP Uniparty cowards in the Senate split their vote so some could pretend they opposed the bill while everyone in the Uniparty knew what was really happening.

A rigged... or perhaps it's better to say "engineered"... legislative result.

Welcome to the Uniparty.

(1) House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) told NPR last week: "It's my expectation that House Republicans will keep their commitment to produce at least two-thirds of their conference, which is approximately 150 votes."

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