Thanks so much for the stand you're taking. Here are some "D.C. Uniparty" action items...

We've giving out Lifetime Memberships to the D.C. UNIPARTY, and you can help...

In honor of the Dirty, Debt-Deal Debacle, Grassfire has launched a campaign nominating Republicans in the House and Senate for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in the D.C. Uniparty.

The Dirty Debt Deal was one of the clearest examples of the Uniparty in action. Republicans and Democrats worked together as a Uniparty in what was, essentially, a RIGGED LEGISLATIVE OUTCOME for a bill that:

  • DID NOT cut spending (despite their claims);
  • Made the 40% government increase during Covid PERMANENT;
  • Kept the IRS Weaponization in tact;
  • ELIMINATED the debt ceiling altogether until some time in 2025; and
  • was supported MORE by Democrats than Republicans!

That's why Grassfire is asking for your help in nominating the 149 GOP House members and 17 GOP Senate members who voted "YES" for their LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in the D.C. UNIPARTY.

Here's how you can TAKE ACTION:

  1. FAX GOP MEMBERS (Biggest Impact) and let them know they have been nominated as a Lifetime Member of the UniParty. Go here to get started and see your sample UniParty "nomination" faxes.
  2. TWEET GOP MEMBERS directly and let them know about their nomination. (Just add their twitter handle(s) to the front of the message, such as @MittRomney or @SpeakerMcCarthy.)
  3. SHARE ON FACEBOOK and invite others to get involved.
  4. See below to DIRECT MESSAGE your members of Congress and let them know they will be nominated for the UniParty if they continue to vote for the D.C. status quo of BIG GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION.