Gary LeBlanc of Mercy Chefs -- Grassfire's disaster relief partner -- is sounding the alarm that they need help to feed Ukrainian refugees THIS WEEKEND. The situation is critical on the Ukraine border. Please see Gary's message below and then go here to help sponsor critical support for Ukraine refugees.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

P.S. My family donated $105 -- enough to help sponsor about 30 meals during disaster deployments. Go here to help with this crisis:

To: Steve Elliott
From: Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs
Subject: Ukraine crisis: we're feeding refugees TODAY!
Date: March 3, 2020, 2:14:16 PM ET 

This is a terrible tragedy. The refugees need our help. As I write, we are rushing relief to thousands of refugees and suffering Ukrainians who need help with basic necessities. Go here and see below. --Gary


Latest reports indicate that as many as ONE MILLION Ukrainian refugees have already fled to neighboring countriesHere on the Romanian border, people are continuing to pour across.

Today, our Mercy Chefs team is working with local churches and shelters who are providing a safe place for the refugees to land once they cross the border. This is a time of intense fear and uncertainty. Everyone we spoke with in the shelters said they felt so loved. The warm reception they have received is helping them through a very scary and overwhelming situation. They still are in fear for their loved ones, but are thankful they are safe and well cared for.

As I write, we're working on getting thousands of meals across the border to refugees waiting to cross and those in Ukraine who are quickly running out of basic necessities in the midst of the war. I'm expecting we'll move many tens of thousands more meals and other critical resources in the coming days, thanks to warehouse space we just secured.

This is a crisis of immense scope and I'm turning to friends across the country for help. Will you partner with Mercy Chefs today as we serve the people of Ukraine who are fleeing from this war? Go here to make your gift:


+ + School building bombed...

One of our international relief partners shared photos of apartment buildings getting bombed. Another person working with us said that her family's village had been under heavy bombardment. Houses all around them were being destroyed, but miraculously they survived.

Even the school building where one of our partners played basketball as a kid came under heavy attack.

There are many, many mothers and grandmothers with young children. It always breaks my heart to see the children who are swept up in the middle of horrific events. In a matter of a few days, their world changed forever. 

Please pray. And please help as you can.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs 

P.S. Again, we're working at the Ukrainian border to get relief to refugees and those inside Ukraine. We can feed and support tens of thousands of people, but WE NEED YOUR HELP! Go here: