I'm sure you're as stunned as I am...

We knew the SHUT DOWN was coming, but didn't expect it to develop quite this fast. 

As I warned yesterday, our country's OVER-REACTION to the early stages of the Chinese Coronavirus ALMOST GUARANTEED an even greater over-reaction as the virus inevitably spreads to more states and more people. (If you missed my complete THREE CORONAVIRUS MYTHS analysis, go here.)

Yesterday, the dominoes started falling. Cities and states began imposing bans on gatherings. Florida imposed a modified quarantine for nursing homes. The NCAA announced that its basketball tournament would be played in empty arenas. Then the NBA suspended all games until further notice. Schools began to close or move to all online.

+ + Do bans on gatherings and quarantines violate your rights?

We are now rushing toward a somewhat modified version of China's blanket SHUT DOWN. But is it necessary to shut down our society in this way? We think not. And at what point are gathering bans and quarantines violating our constitutional rights? Judge Napolitano had some clear words to say on this topic. Go here for more.

State interactive map • Mortality rate • Sign the statement • Is this legal?

Again, the current U.S. death toll stands at 40! The likely mortality rate for a healthy person is .7%. If you are under age 40, the mortality rate is perhaps .2%! 

+ + Will you help me Fight The Fear?

The events of the past 24 hours have been quite disturbing and unsettling for us all. And it is only the beginning. More dominoes fell today. This is unlike anything we've experienced. I believe this societal shutdown is the result of a perfect storm of factors: a "novel" (i.e. "new") virus with a deadly makeup, our hyper-connected world, and a fear-based culture.

I'm most concerned about the grip of fear being pushed from just about every media source, government official, and TV talking head. It's as if any counterpoint or voice of reason is unacceptable, almost immoral. I listened to Dr. Paul Offit, M.D., Director of Infectious Diseases at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, say that "we've scared the public to death." Dr. Offit said he thinks this virus will have far less societal impact than influenza.

As citizens, we must be informed and we must FIGHT THE FEAR narrative. Grassfire created a FIGHT THE FEAR STATEMENT. Team members are signing. I just ask you to read it and if you agree, add your name. Go here.

Then, if you can help us reach more citizens with a VOICE OF REASON on this issue, go here.

Yes, we should be concerned. Yes, we should take precautions. But we cannot be controlled by the prevailing FEAR NARRATIVE, lest we lose our rights and our country.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

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