Tucker: "If this indictment arrives... we're done!" Take action to STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!

Tucker Carlson says "we're done" as a country, if the Trump indictment stands. He told his FOX News audience last night:

"If the Democratic party is allowed to do this... we're done. Voters will never again determine the outcome of a presidential election." (Click here or on the image to watch yesterday's alarming three-minute segment.)

EVERYTHING is at stake right now! If we sit by silently and let the radical, unhinged Left indict and destroy President Trump, we may lose our country!

Grassfire is trying to rally thousands of "America First" patriots to stand against this latest, outrageous witch hunt against President Trump. An indictment is IMMINENT! Let your voice be heard!

Click here or on the banner below now to sign the national petition, demanding Republicans in the House and Senate take immediate action to "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!":

+ + Demand Senators and Representatives: "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!"

Again, President Trump could be indicted THIS WEEK by a radical, activist DA in New York City. This is clearly a WITCH HUNT! The Left will do anything and everything to destroy President Trump and to DISTRACT America from Joe Biden's failures and corruption.

IT IS NO ACCIDENT the pending indictment was leaked just as news broke confirming the Biden Crime Family payoff with China! That's why Grassfire is giving citizens who oppose the indictment a VOICE in this issue.

Click here now to add your name to the national petition to "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!" Our representatives will deliver your petition to Capitol Hill when we reach 10,000 signatures. Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Tucker Carlson warns that the pending Trump indictment is "unprecedented" and "a turning point for the country." He adds that, if Democrats get away with this, "voters will never again determine the outcome of a presidential election." Go here to sign the "STOP TRUMP ATTACKS!" national petition now: