Using a roaming, electronic billboard, Tucker Carlson delivered a harsh, but accurate, message to America's foremost FAKE NEWS outlets on Friday. An email received by a Grassfire staff member explains:

Yesterday morning, so-called journalists at CNN, NBC, The New York Times, and Jeff Bezos’ newsletter, The Washington Post, were greeted with a message from Tucker Carlson Network as they walked into their newsrooms:

"Corporate Media Is Dead."

The days when a few legacy media companies could control the information you receive are over. These corporate media companies are doomed, and they know it. And they did this to themselves.

They have lied to you over and over again, and now they wonder why no one trusts them. It is time to build something better.

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Tucker is absolutely right... AGAIN! He makes a strong, undeniable case for EXACTLY why conservatives need to fight back against FAKE NEWS lies and Big Tech censorship by supporting alternative media. For two decades, Grassfire has been dedicated to giving YOU a voice on the key issues of our day.

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