Grassfire is celebrating President Trump's BEST week ever by rushing a new, commemorative book to print. Great American Comeback is a must-have for anyone and everyone who supports our Commander-in-Chief and his "Keep America Great" agenda. Click here to receive your copy in appreciation for a contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help Grassfire build in 2020 -- the most important election year in U.S. history.

Tuesday. Gallup polling revealed that President Trump's approval rating was 49%. Not only was that the highest since he took office, it's also higher than Barack Obama's at the same point in his presidency.


That night, Mr. Trump delivered a brilliant and inspiring State of the Union address -- a speech that's being called the greatest of his presidency. The address was so good, in fact, that it triggered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). She set off a firestorm of controversy by disgracefully ripping up her copy of the address, page-by-page, on live television.

On Wednesday, the Senate acquitted the President of the two bogus impeachment charges against him. The vote brought an end (at least for now) to a second baseless and highly partisan Witch Hunt that has been another huge waste of taxpayer time and money.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump's "Victory Lap" speech skewered radical Democrats who have been plotting to destroy the President since before he even took office. It also celebrated the work Republicans did to turn away the Left's latest attempts to overthrow the results of the free and fair 2016 election. 

Finally, the January jobs report released on Friday showed that the U.S. economy added 255,000 jobs. The number blew away estimates that predicted 165,000 jobs were created last month!

Without a doubt, it was the BEST WEEK EVER for the Commander-in-Chief and his administration!

Grassfire wants to commemorate all of Donald Trump's winning last week with Great American Comeback, the main theme of his State of the Union address. This special publication, which we're rushing into production THIS WEEK, also will include our Commander-in-Chief's epic "Victory Lap" speech.

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As you've seen, radical and unhinged Democrats -- led by Pelosi and her leftist colleagues in Congress, the "fake news" media and Hollywood -- will stop at NOTHING to destroy this president. The only thing standing in their way is an army of citizen patriots equipped to fight!

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P.S. Again, Great American Comeback will feature the entire text of the President's amazing State of the Union Address, along with photos from that historic night on Capitol Hill. We're also including Mr. Trump's phenomenal "Victory Lap" speech as bonus content in this exclusive commemorative book. Please click here or on the banner below to receive your copy in appreciation for your contribution of any amount to help Grassfire build in 2020: