Far-Left, progressive "news" organizations are having a field day criticizing President Trump's press conference yesterday with Russian president Vladimir Putin. It seems like every anti-Trump "talking head," liberal Democrat and Establishment Republican who has an ax to grind against our Commander-in-Chief is doing just that on cable news and social media.

Some of the President's harshest critics used the words "treasonous," "bizarre," "shameful," "sad," "embarrassing" and worse to describe yesterday's media event. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) tweeted, "I am running out of words to describe how despicable it is to see an American President capitulate to a dictator."

(Heads at Grassfire exploded after reading that quote today. Because when former President Obama traveled to Cuba in 2016 to sit beside dictator Raul Castro and do "The Wave" at a baseball game in Havana, Menendez only went so far as to call the trip "unacceptable." Also, many in the lap-dog, left-wing media thought it was America's best diplomatic achievement in decades.)

While the President has few defenders of his press-conference comments about Putin, Russia and U.S. intelligence agencies, Grassfire is willing to give him a "mulligan" because the public doesn't really know yet what happened during the summit itself. CNN reports that Mr. Trump was shocked by the reaction to yesterday's question-and-answer session:

"President Donald Trump was upbeat immediately after his news conference with Vladimir Putin in Finland, but by the time he returned stateside on Monday evening, his mood had soured considerably amid sustained fury at his extraordinary embrace of the Russian leader."

This morning, President Trump pushed back against his critics via Twitter: "While I had a great meeting with NATO, raising vast amounts of money, I had an even better meeting with Vladimir Putin of Russia. Sadly, it is not being reported that way - the Fake News is going Crazy!"

Despite Monday's press conference not being a high-water moment for the Trump presidency, let's not throw out the baby with the bath water. The real meat and potatoes of the President's time in Helsinki, Finland was the summit with Putin and the opportunity to engage in talks about nuclear proliferation. If you judge the summit by the news conference, you may be criticizing the salad and missing out on how great the steak was.

There are nuances to what Mr. Trump does and to how he "navigates" the deal-making process. He is clearly re-shaping the presidency and making America great again in a way that hasn't happened since Ronald Reagan occupied the Oval Office. While the days of Obama's "apology" tours around the world are over, America will have to wait a bit to find out just how successful the Helsinki summit proves to be.

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Source: Trump surprised by fierce criticism of Putin news conference (CNN)