It seems like every four years you hear people claim, "This presidential election is the most important in U.S. history." But this year, it might actually be true. The "woke" socialists, Marxists and communists must not win in November if America is going to remain the "Shining City on a Hill" that it has been for more than 240 years.

The radical, unhinged Left continues attacking free speech, religious freedom, law and order, gun rights, capitalism and so many of our nation's other foundational principles and values. Most conservatives want someone in the White House who is fearlessly dedicated to putting America first. If you think that person is NOT Joe Biden, let Grassfire empower you to stand with Donald J. Trump!

Despite the apparent attempts by the Obama-Biden administration and the Deep State to derail President Trump’s 2016 campaign, he beat Hillary Clinton. He survived the "soft coups" of the Russia collusion and impeachment witch hunts. And in the face of crippling, hysterical COVID-19 shutdowns and lockdowns -- especially in Democrat-run cities and states -- our current Commander-in-Chief is still fighting to make America great again.

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Again, it's no exaggeration that this presidential election is one of the most important in our nation's history. If patriotic Americans want to see the United States continue on the path of freedom and liberty, rather than socialism and tyranny, they need to show their support for the President now! Grassfire's exclusive "TRUMP 2020" yard signs empower YOU to tell your family, friends and neighbors that you want FOUR MORE YEARS of "Making America Great Again." With our exclusive "TRUMP 2020" yard signs, you can encourage everyone in your community to stand with the President on November 3. Click here or on banner below to order now: