This past Friday, the United States Supreme Court added an abortion case to its docket for the new term, which began yesterday. The justices will hear a challenge to a 2014 Louisiana law that requires abortion doctors to ”have active admitting privileges at a hospital that is located not further than 30 miles” from the facility where he or she is performing the procedure. According to ABC News, the case:

“… comes amid a crush of state laws passed over the last two years aimed at sharply restricting -- or outright banning -- abortion, many with the express expectation that legal challenges may end up before the high court. … Critics of the Louisiana law say the requirement is costly, burdensome and likely to drive many abortion providers out of business, which in turn will severely limit women's access to the procedure. … Supporters of the law say the state has the right to regulate the clinics to ensure safety.”

While oral arguments aren't expected until later in the High Court's current term, this is likely to be a landmark case that could lead to reducing or even eliminating abortion in states across the country. For example, ABC News reports that the entire state of Louisiana has only three licensed abortion clinics. Laws that impose stricter safety regulations on those clinics -- and others around the country -- could force them to close.

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