The Human Rights Campaign has announced a coalition of businesses supporting the Equality Act -- and it looks as if all the leaders of Silicon Valley have COLLUDED to join together and get behind this radical, anti-faith bill.

Here's a short list of Silicon Valley elites who are pushing this bill that criminalizes Christianity and (as we explain below) forces citizens to fund and even perform abortions: Apple, Google, Facebook, Oracle, Intel, Cisco, eBay, Dropbox, Netflix, Adobe, HP, Pinterest, Salesforce, and Twitter to name a few. Add in Amazon (based in Seattle) and virtually all the power brokers who control the Internet have teamed together to push this radical bill.

These are the same businesses that are openly censoring and shadow banning conservative thought across the Internet -- and outright banning pro-faith and pro-family organizations from access to some of their programs!

That is why it is vital for grassroots Americans to let their voice be heard. If you oppose the Anti-Faith Equality Act, go here to send your faxes, and click here for more details.


P.S. The House vote is expected next week. We want to see 10,000 faxes sent to Capitol Hill by Monday. Go here to take action: