Is the Tea Party dead? 

Daniel Horowitz writing in Conservative Review argues that with this DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL that the GOP has repealed "the entire legacy of the Tea Party in one fell swoop."

Horowitz points out that ever since WINNING a battle over long-term government spending in 2011, Republicans have GIVEN UP THE FIGHT and actually used their majorities in D.C. to ADD BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS TO THE DEBT! Horowitz writes:

"All Republicans had to do when they won the election in 2016 was to hold the line on the budget bill they helped pass in 2011 with control of just one branch of government. Instead, first with control of all three branches and now with control of two of the three, they are about to undo the one spending success of the past decade, and with it, pre-empt any leverage they have to pressure Democrats on a single issue."

So we ask...

Is the Tea Party dead?

I say NO!

We built Grassfire on the principles of LIBERTY AND LIMITED GOVERNMENT.

And we won't go quietly into the night of this DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL.

If you agree...

If you are OUTRAGED....

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