SHOCK: Court blocks citizenship question

Yesterday, Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the four liberal justices in rejecting President Trump's efforts to include a question about citizenship on the U.S. Census. Essentially, the justices ruled that the Trump administration did not show valid justification for adding the question and sent the case back to the lower courts.

President Trump immediately vowed to fight the ruling by continuing the appeal in the courts and even DELAYING the 2020 census until the Supreme Court can finally rule.

Where do you stand on the President's efforts to add a citizenship question to the census? Grassfire is conducting a poll to see if President Trump has the support of grassroots Americans on this issue. Vote now in Grassfire's new "IS TRUMP RIGHT ON THE CENSUS?" poll. Click here to vote:

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  • Kimberly Baehr
    commented 2019-07-02 12:00:27 -0400
    Chief Justice Robert’s just proved Trump’s assertion about Obama judges! Roberts & the 3 other SCOTUS Liberal judges are wrong on this decision! They’re playing political games by kicking it back to the lower court. They’re sending a message that citizenship doesn’t matter. But guess what… IT DOES! It matters to every law abiding citizen in the United States if our tax dollars are supporting ILLEGALS living here with no citizenship. Stop rewarding non-citizens (illegal aliens) with rights and benefits they are NOT entitled to!
  • Mickie Johnson
    commented 2019-07-01 19:41:48 -0400
    We need to know who is in our Country illegal or not! It is a question that should be asked and answered!!!