Rush Limbaugh summarized best what took place at the Mueller presser...

"This was a phase today in the still-happening attempted coup to get rid of the president of the United States."
--Rush Limbaugh

It was all show... theatre... designed to do one thing: fan the flames of impeachment at the liberal grassroots and hopefully ignite it into a full wildfire in the Pelosi House.

Mueller all but begged Congress to immediately begin impeachment. Why? Because after two years of investigations, 500+ interviews, and hundreds of thousands of documents reviewed, Mueller couldn't prove that President Trump didn't commit the crime of obstruction!

First off, the probe was allegedly about Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 election, and possible collusion between Trump and the Russians. Let's be clear -- there was NO EVIDENCE AT ALL of collusion. So Mueller turned his attention to alleged "obstruction" to the two-year bogus Witch Hunt on collusion. And at the end of the day, as Rush noted, the real headline from yesterday was that THERE WAS NO "NEW" NEWS AT ALL! Mueller categorically stated that everything that could be said had already been put in his report. There is no smoking gun that Mueller didn't add to the report because AG Barr or someone else suppressed the truth. No. The Mueller report is the full report.

But Mueller still had to play his role in the "attempted coup," as Rush calls it. So he convened a presser so he could boldly state this doublespeak which defies all rules of American jurisprudence (innocent until proven guilty) and even common sense (you can't prove a negative): 

"As set forth in our report, after that investigation, if we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the President did commit a crime."

So Mueller's parting shot was this: we can't prove Trump didn't commit a crime (which is actually technically impossible), and we didn't make a determination as to if he did make a crime because that was technically against the rules (so I'm passing the buck to Congress). And I'm retiring so don't ask me any questions.

Essentially, Mueller teed things up for the Pelosi Congress.

And you can hear the drumbeat building. Here's an ad that showed up on the Today Show's YouTube page today:

If you thought the last three years of Anti-Trump and Never-Trump activism has been bad, you ain't seen nothin yet. All the House will do is investigate and take the political temperature regarding if or when to impeach. Will Pelosi impeach? Time will tell. But the bigger issue is what Rush Limbaugh is calling a "coup" -- an attempt to defeat or remove President Trump by any means necessary and invalidate the votes of millions of Americans who elected him president in 2016.

Let's be clear -- the Anti-Trump activists are pouring MILLIONS into this "coup by any means." And if we sit by silently, then we will be to blame when they succeed. 

Starting next week, Grassfire is going to ask every member of our team to take a stand to FIGHT THE COUP. We want to rally thousands, then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands. But to do so, we need your help! As of this morning, we were still short of our budgeted goal for the second month in a row -- at a time when we want to GROW Grassfire and EXPAND to meet the challenges that are coming against our liberties.

Even $5,000 in the next 48 hours would make a huge difference. I know it's a small amount compared to what the Far Left is spending to destroy liberty, but we can do a lot with your contribution of $20, $30, $50 or more.

If you believe in the work of Grassfire, will you help me meet this critical need in the next 48 hours so we can stand at the center of the fight to make our nation great again? Go here:

As Rush has repeatedly said, this is a COUP! We can push back. We can fight back. But we must strengthen our network and expand our efforts. Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for the stand you are taking for liberty!

Steve Elliott

Rush Limbaugh transcript

Mueller caricature source: Donkey Hotey flickr