UPDATE: House Vote Today! 

I'm a HUGE fan of Rush Limbaugh...

But on Tuesday...

He CAVED to political pragmatism in justifying the Trump-Pelosi DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL that ADDS $2 TRILLION new NEW DEBT (on top of the trillions already in the budget) and creates annual TRILLION DOLLAR deficits well into the future.

He blamed the liberals and the media in saying we simply CAN'T WIN a budget debate.

Well, Rush, we don't listen to you so you can be for us the "pragmatic mouthpiece of the Republican establishment."  We listen, Rush, because you have been one of the few stalwarts of conservatism in America -- RUSH PRETTY MUCH HAS DEFINED CONSERVATISM for millions of Americans!

Again, I think Rush has done more for the conservative movement than just about anyone. But Rush and the other conservative talk leaders need to hear from grassroots Americans on this issue.

So two actions...

+ + Action #1 -- Call Rush and others

Rush needs to hear from you! Email Rush or call during his show:

800-282-2882 M-F NOON-3pm ET
Email Rushl

For phone numbers and emails for Sean, Glenn and other conservative voices, CLICK HERE.

+ + ACTION #2 --  Sign The Petition

If you are outraged by the DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL, go here to add your name to the STOP THE DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL" petition:

And see below for more details.



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