Below is what an immunologist said recently about the FDA approving and the CDC recommending a COVID vaccine that, reportedly, was tested on ONLY EIGHT MICE:

Using "mouse data," as Weill Cornell Medicine immunologist John Moore told NPR, is more a concern about the efficacy on humans rather than the safety.

"For the FDA to rely on mouse data is just bizarre, in my opinion," Moore said. "Mouse data are not going to be predictive in any way of what you would see in humans."

This is the degree to which the solicitors, purveyors and agents of COVID hysteria will go to induce fear and exert control over the American people. They'll use "mouse data" to green-light a vaccine without really knowing how well (or even if) it will work.

COVID tyranny is on the rise again. It's on full display in new mask mandates, pushing ANOTHER "vaccine booster" and unnecessary shutdowns. Clearly, the FEARdemic is NOT over among the radical, unhinged Left.

You can say "NO!" to COVID tyranny and push back against Joe's Regime! Demand the Republicans in the House and Senate take a stand against MASK MANDATES, FORCED VACCINATION AND LOCKDOWNS -- before it's too late! Click here or on the banner below to add your name now:

Radical Democrats, Establishment Republicans, the Unhinged Left and other anti-Trumpers used the previous FEARdemic to grant themselves extraordinary and unconstitutional government powers. They used that power to help engineer their preferred 2020 election results.

The 2024 vote is about a year away, and President Trump is winning! Isn't it possible they'll try to run the same playbook in hopes of achieving the same results?

Government tyrants used their COVID lies to strip away our freedoms once. Shame on liberty-loving Americans if they're allowed to do it again! Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action today by signing the "No Masks! No Shutdowns!" national petition now.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. See our previous update below to learn more about the "mouse data" and which state has already taken action against the new "vaccine booster." Or go here to take immediate action to STOP COVID TYRANNY":

Thursday evening:

After two-and-a-half years of living under Joe's Regime, it takes a lot to shock the Grassfire staff. But this morning, we saw a news article about the recently approved COVID "vaccine boosters" that left us stunned.

Most of the initial claims about "the jab" proved to be flat-out lies. The shots and boosters don't prevent the virus or stop its spread. Also four shots aren't enough to protect you because, this week, the FDA approved and the CDC recommends a new vaccine (or is it a "booster"?) for people six months and older.

Here's the REALLY BAD NEWS: Newsweek reports, "These updated boosters will be the first released to the public without any humans involved in the clinical trials. ... Preliminary tests conducted by Pfizer in June 2022 were done on eight mice. The actual number of mice involved in the recent trials is unclear."

Wait! What?!?! (You may want to read the above paragraph again.) The federal government wants millions of Americans to inject themselves with a substance that, reportedly, has only been tested on EIGHT MICE?!?! They've got to be kidding. This is a joke, right? It would be funny if it wasn't so sad... and true!

It's no wonder Florida's surgeon general announced yesterday that the Sunshine State’s Department of Health is advising people under the age of 65 NOT to get the new COVID "vaccine boosters." The Federalist reports "the agency based its new recommendations on the 'absence of any meaningful booster-specific clinical trial data performed in humans.'"

We're entering another cold-and-flu season, as well as a pivotal election year, and COVID tyranny is rising across America with the number of ridiculous mask mandates increasing. Is more forced vaccination next? What makes you think Joe's Regime won't replay their 2020 "playbook"?

Grassfire supports every individual's right to get vaccinated. But if "America First" patriots, like you, REJECT a return to mask mandates, forced vaccinations and COVID-induced shutdowns, they MUST make their voices heard.

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Your voice is urgently needed to stop Joe's Regime and the radical, unhinged Left from engaging, once again, in full-blown COVID TYRANNY! Don't let them re-mask America, re-impose shutdowns or mandate vaccines that restrict freedom, destroy the economy and trample our constitutional rights!

Take action to stop Joe's tyrannical, fascist regime from forcing America back down the RABBIT HOLE. Don't let them use a virus as an excuse to STRIP AWAY OUR RIGHTS and "reset" America into a socialist, totalitarian country -- AGAIN!

If you're alarmed and outraged by a rise in COVID TYRANNY, go here to say: "NO MASKS! NO MANDATES! NO SHUTDOWNS!" Government tyrants stripped away our freedoms once. Shame on liberty-loving patriots if they're allowed to do it again!

"America First" MUST push back against COVID tyranny! Say NO to re-masking the American people (especially children!). Say NO to jab mandates. Say NO to more shutdowns and totalitarian edicts. Or say NOTHING -- and run the risk of watching American freedoms be stripped away -- again! Thank you, in advance, for taking action today.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. By re-masking America, mandating vaccines, threatening shutdowns and suspending personal-property rights, Joe Biden and the radical, unhinged Left have become tyrants. But you can push back against their COVID tyranny by signing the national petition. You also can ignore this message, do nothing and risk ANOTHER attack on your freedom. Or go here to add your name now: