Last week, Grassfire warned that H.R.1808, the Democrat-sponsored "Assault Weapons Ban of 2021," might target more than AR-style rifles. In our previous updates, we've wondered if "this legislation is the first step in a wider anti-gun effort by the Biden regime and the radical, unhinged Left. They could use this bill as a stepping stone to re-define 'assault weapons' and 'high-capacity magazines,' which could weaken the Second Amendment." It appears that concern is justified.

Breitbart News reports: "The 'assault weapons' ban legislation that passed the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday not only prohibits AR-15s and AK-47s, but numerous semiautomatic pistols and shotguns as well. ... The ban applies to semiautomatic pistols with detachable magazines and threaded barrels. ... Also, any semiautomatic pistol with a fixed magazine capable of holding more than ten rounds would be banned, as would any semiautomatic shotgun with a fixed magazine holding more than five rounds. H.R. 1808 also bans semiautomatic shotguns that accept detachable magazines and have a pistol grip."

The Second Amendment clearly says "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." The U.S. Constitution is very specific in allowing Americans to defend their lives and property with guns. But Democrats want to take that right and disarm citizens. Don't let them! If H.R.1808 passes the House this week and advances to the Senate, that could be very bad for gun-rights supporters. It would only take 10 weak-kneed RINOs to cave (like they so often do) and hand victory to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

With a full House vote on the "Assault Weapons Ban of 2021" likely just days away, Grassfire wants to empower thousands and thousands of team members to "Stop Biden's Gun Grab!" by making their voices heard! Take action now to prevent the radical, unhinged Left from infringing on YOUR Second Amendment rightsOppose Joe Biden-led efforts to disarm the American people by making your voice heard on Capitol Hill. Click here or on the banner below now to sign the national petition to "Protect The Second Amendment!":

H.R.1808 seeks to outlaw and criminalize the actions of law-abiding Americans who want to exercise their constitutional right "to keep and bear Arms" by owning one of the nation's most popular firearms for personal and home protection. Below is some of the bill's text:

This bill makes it a crime to knowingly import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon (SAW) or large capacity ammunition feeding device (LCAFD).

The legislation claims to make exceptions for "a" grandfathered SAW and LCAFD. But will H.R.1808 exempt "all" AR-style rifles and magazines purchased before the bill is signed into law? That question might seem nitpicky, but it's a critical distinction for millions of gun owners. Click here to sign the national petition to "Protect The Second!"

+ + Engage In The Battle To "Protect The Second!"

H.R.1808 is an outrageous attack on the Second Amendment. Democrats want to ban so-called "assault weapons" because it's a term the radical, unhinged Left uses for a particular class of guns they don't like. But the truth is that AR-style rifles are the preferred home-defense firearm for millions of Americans, and the FBI says those weapons "were involved in 3%" of gun homicides in 2020.

You can take immediate action to ensure your constitutional right to "keep and bear Arms" is NOT violated, infringed or repealed. Add your name to the "Protect The Second!" national petition, and make your voice heard on Capitol Hill.

If this gun-control legislation advances to the Senate, Grassfire will deliver your petition to key congressional leaders, demanding they take action to protect your constitutional right "to keep and bear Arms." Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action tonight.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. When criminals use guns to hurt and kill people, it's tragic and totally unacceptable. Reasonable and responsible Americans agree that no criminal or mentally ill person should be allowed access to firearms. But if you think gun-control laws should NOT prevent mentally competent, law-abiding citizens from exercising their God-given constitutional right "to keep and bear Arms," you can make your voice heard. Go here to sign now: