While you were sleeping, the SWAMP launched another attack on our nation in the form of a massive spending bill. Go here to SAY NO TO THIS SPENDING AND BORDER SELLOUT, and see below. --Grassfire

In the middle of the night (2:23 AM ET), the RINO-Left alliance dropped a 1,012-page MASSIVE SPENDING BILL and now Speaker Johnson is rushing this monstrosity to the floor of the House for a vote TOMORROW!

This breaks EVERYTHING the GOP promised. This Spending and Border SELLOUT:

  • Spends MORE than Nancy Pelosi!
  • Does ALMOST NOTHING of substance to secure our border and actually funds Joe's Invastion
  • Was crafted in secret, behind closed doors, and released in the middle of the night!
  • Funds the new FBI headquarters

And it gets worse....

Speaker Johnson is BETRAYING his own party by ignoring the House GOP rule that members of Congress must have FIVE DAYS to review a bill such as this before it is voted on! Instead, Johnson is mandating a vote on a 1,012-page, $1 TRILLION spending bill by TOMORROW!!

Even worse...

Johnson is relying on MORE DEMOCRAT SUPPORT for this bill than GOP support. In fact, he cannot pass this monstrosity without the Left!


We just upated our Spending/Border SELLOUT FaxFire to target the RINOs who are most likely to betray America with this vote.

We also just cut the cost of this fax to just $10 so everyone can take action!

Go here now to fax key House GOP RINO SELLOUTS and tell them to stop the spending/border sellout:

VIPs-- Go here to send this fax for just $3! (Not a VIP? Go here.)


Also, call your REP today and let them know where you stand on the Spending/Border Sellout: 202-225-3121.

Thanks for standing for liberty!


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