Grassfire's "Stars & Stripes" Flag Offer has been so popular since we introduced it in 2022, that our staff has been looking for other patriotic, pro-faith and pro-America flags to offer team members. When we saw "Appeal To Heaven" -- also know as the "Pine Tree" flag-- and learned its history, we knew it was a banner "America First" patriots would want to fly.

Leading up to the Revolutionary War, the white pines of New England were highly desired by Great Britain to use as masts for the Royal Navy. After 1722, it was illegal for colonists to cut down white pines measuring 12 inches or more.

Because early Americans also needed lumber for their livelihoods, the trees became a source of conflict AND symbolism for the colonists. Three centuries later, the "Appeal To Heaven" flag STILL represents resistance to tyranny, desire for independence and America's reliance on God.

A very limited supply of 3' x 5' "Appeal To Heaven" flags recently arrived in our warehouse for FREE shipping to team members across America. In appreciation for your contribution of $25 or more, Grassfire will send you one "Pine Tree" banner. Contribute $50 or more to receive THREE. That's like getting one historic "Pine Tree" flag absolutely FREE! Plus, we'll cover the shipping now matter how many you order.

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These 100% polyester banners have two brass grommets and double stitching on three sides. The fourth side is QUADRUPLE stitched to help prevent tearing. Click here to reserve one 3' x 5' "Pine Tree" flag for $25 or three for $50. Shipping is absolutely FREE!

Our shipment of "Appeal To Heaven" flags just arrived in our warehouse but are already close to selling out! If you want to be among the first Grassfire team members to receive this historic "Pine Tree" banner, we must hear from you ASAP. 

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Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Unfurling the "Appeal To Heaven" flag outside their home, office, church or school will be an amazing conversation starter with your family, friends and neighbors about the history of our great nation. Share your faith in God and pride in America at the same time! Click here or on the banner below to reserve the historic and patriotic "Pine Tree" flag in appreciation for your contribution of $25, $50 or more to help Grassfire build:


The Story Behind the Pine Tree Flags of the American Revolution

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