--Spending Scam Vote TOMORROW! Fax key House leaders Now.

The RINO-Left Uniparty alliance is STEAMROLLING to a vote TOMORROW on the latest Spending Scam that continues the Pelosi-Schumer-McConnell-Biden "SPENDING AND DEFICITS FOREVER" fiscal insanity.

As we reported to you yesterday, this latest scam includes 604 pages of Earmarks -- the payoffs and kickbacks that Members of Congress get for their districts. And get this shocking fact...

Grassfire has found 195 specific EARMARKS connected to Sen. Chuck Schumer alone! That's one Senator! Members of Congress are RIPPING OFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE -- spending us into trillions of dollars of deficits. And they have no shame.

The vote in the House is TOMORROW. If Republicans unite, they can stop this Scam! Go here to fax key GOP House members right now and click here for more.