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 New Spending SCAM released.
--604 pages of Earmarks!
--Spending, Deficits FOREVER!
Fax key House leaders Now and see below for latest.

Over the weekend the Uniparty dropped their latest Spending SCAM and once again THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THE LOSERS!

Sen. Rick Scott is reporting that the Scam includes...

..."605 PAGES OF EARMARKS. One example? Schumer's $1 MILLION ask to build a new environmental justice center in NYC."

Earmarks are how members of Congress funnel MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of tax dollars back to their districts (i.e. kickbacks). It is disgusting that this Scam includes 605 PAGES of earmarks when Congress is already bankrupting our country!

+ + Another SURRENDER!

This is tantamount to yet another SURRENDER!

But WE THE PEOPLE will never surrender!

ACTION --The House is scheduled to vote on this Spending Scam ON WEDNESDAY. That gives citizens just 48 hours to let their voices be heard.

We've discounted this Spending Scam FaxFire to just $10 so every Grassfire team member can fax key House leaders before the vote.

Go here now to fax key GOP House members and let them know what you think about yet another Spending Scam betrayal:


Call your members of Congress and let them know where you stand: 202-225-3121.

Remember -- the vote is WEDNESDAY! If House Republicans will STAY UNITED, they can stop this scam!

Thanks for taking action.