Exactly two weeks ago, President Trump made it clear that he wants to see kids return to school as soon as possible. A July 6th tweet left no doubt about where America's Commander-in-Chief stands on the issue.

Since then, the debate surrounding restarting classes has intensified. With the first day of school in several states supposed to be just weeks away, many parents, educators, local officials and state lawmakers are still at odds over what to do.

Despite the clear science that school-aged children face a much LOWER mortality risk from COVID-19 as opposed to the flu, millions of U.S. children may be LOCKED OUT of the classroom -- AGAIN -- this fall! Many other nations fighting the pandemic have decided to re-open schools with little to no problems or concerns. So why is America still undecided -- and divided -- about kids returning to the classroom?

Millions of Americans, especially those who support President Trump, see a clear political agenda at work. The radical Left hates our Commander-in-Chief. Far-left Democrats and others are doing everything in their power to disrupt society and our economy until Election Day. That includes keeping schools closed, even if it hurts children!

Holding kids out of school or even limiting them to half-time education in the fall could be devastating -- just like it was in the spring. Most students learn best in class, while sports and other activities keep boys and girls healthier and more connected. But is the threat of COVID-19 great enough to justify keeping children home even longer?

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