Over the past two years, Joe Biden has disintegrated America's border with Mexico, blown up the U.S. economy, weakened our military and fully embraced ongoing COVID tyranny. Now, classified documents from his days as Vice President have been found at two separate locations. Presidential privilege allows for de-classifying documents and records. VPs cannot, which has led to accusations of Mr. Biden stealing!

The first classified documents were discovered in his private, D.C. office BEFORE THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS. The second trove was found in the garage of his Delaware home! It's so bad that Attorney General Merrick Garland announced yesterday that he appointed a special counsel to investigate.

Republicans control the House of Representatives, which is where presidential impeachment proceedings begin. (After separate witch hunts, House Democrats impeached President Trump twice!) Are two years of Joe Biden's tyranny, incompetence and "Hate America" policies enough? Is it time for this "Commander-in-Chief" to resign, be impeached or removed from office?

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