Vice President Mike Pence sees a light at the end of the COVID-19 "tunnel." And it's not far off. In an interview with FOX News' Geraldo Rivera yesterday, Pence said:

"If you look at the trends today, I think by Memorial Day Weekend we will largely have this coronavirus epidemic behind us. ... State and local officials will begin to reopen activities. You’re going to see states ahead here begin to do that."

Memorial Day is May 25. That's exactly 31 days from today and only one month from tomorrow. The Grassfire team is praying -- along with millions of other grassroots patriots -- that America's "second in command" is right.

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+ + Millions Turn To Faith And Patriotism In COVID-19 Fight!

Our nation has turned to faith and patriotism in the fight against the fear and anxiety caused by COVID-19. Grassfire has been inspired by what we've seen from fellow Americans at this difficult and unprecedented time in U.S. history.

Recognizing our need for God is making a huge impact "from sea to shining sea." That's why Grassfire wants to empower our team members to share a pro-faith, pro-USA message with your family, friends and neighbors. "God Bless America" yard signs are "flags of faith" that you can post outside your home, business, church and school. Click here to order one "God Bless America" yard sign for $30, two for $55 and three for $75.

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Plant a flag of faith in your yard. Make a personal statement for your entire community to see. Stand firm that America will be on the road to full recovery by Memorial Day Weekend!

Thanks, in advance, for your support.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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