Sign The National Petition Calling On Republicans To Fight For "No Masks! No Mandates! No Shutdowns!"

America is headed back down the rabbit hole of government officials using COVID as an excuse to steal your rights and "reset" our great nation into a socialist, totalitarian country. But you can push back by demanding Republican lawmakers say "NO!" to Joe Biden's re-masking of America; "NO!" to vaccine mandates!; and "NO!" to more shutdowns.

If you want to see an end to the radical, unhinged Left's COVID tyranny, demand Republican Representatives and Senators take bold action! Sign the "No Masks! No Mandates! No Shutdowns!" national petition below and call on GOP lawmakers to stop Joe Biden's re-masking, vaccine mandates and lockdowns NOW! 

The "No Masks! No Mandates! No Shutdowns!" National Petition States:

As a liberty-loving American citizen, I am deeply disturbed by the rising tide of COVID tyranny in the United States. Not only has Joe Biden launched the re-masking and forced vaccination of our great nation, he and his fellow radical, unhinged Democrats could be on the verge of yet another round of unconstitutional, freedom-destroying economy-crushing shutdowns. What they're doing is outrageous! That's why I urge you, a duly elected member of the U.S. Congress, to take action by following the science and fighting for a "No Masks! No Mandates! No Shutdowns!" policy across America.

5,608 signatures so far. Help us get to 20,000