Talk about FAKE NEWS! What the New York Times did yesterday was ridiculous. Sure "The Gray Lady" printed a story about the historic Middle East peace deal on the front page, but they put it in the left column rather than the center, where the most important stories (like that one) belong.

Also, the Times used a photo on their front page that was shot from behind the subjects AND in the dark. Not only are the four world leaders almost unidentifiable, it looks like they’re exiting to a state funeral. But in reality, they’re entering into one of the most important and significant peace treaties of the past quarter century.

The front pages of newspapers in the Middle East looked entirely different. Israeli and Arab media outlets celebrated with big, bold, centered headlines and bright, beautiful photos of the four heads of state side by side.

Yesterday's coverage is just the latest example of how much the mainstream/legacy/establishment media HATE Donald Trump. New York's "Newspaper of Record" knew they had to report on the signing of the groundbreaking Abraham Accords, but they did probably the worst job possible. 

In our previous update, Grassfire revealed how the radical Left and FAKE NEWS criticized and insulted the historic peace agreement between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. We also told you how you could push back against the hate by telling America's Commander-in-Chief how you feel about him.

You can take immediate action by going here to sign the national "We Love You, President Trump!" Petition:

Once we reach 10,000 signers, we'll deliver your "We Love You!" petition to the Trump campaign. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard.

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