"Let's Go Brandon!" is more than a rally cry. It's a movement! Millions of Americans around the country say it as a way to push back against the tyranny and failures of the Biden regime.

Patriots nationwide are chanting "Let's Go Brandon!" at sporting events, social gatherings and even gas stations! They're using it as an alternative to more "colorful" language that criticizes Joe Biden and his administration for rising inflation, the ongoing border crisis, the Afghanistan catastrophe, vaccine mandates, SOCIALIST SPENDING SCAMS and more manufactured crises.

In response to the rally cry's popularity, Grassfire created our "Let's Go Brandon!" ceramic Christmas ornament. This exclusively designed holiday keepsake includes a subtle tribute to Donald Trump. There are similar products out there, but ours have four stars at the top and five stars at the bottom as a "hat tip" to our nation's 45th president.

You can receive this bold, patriotic, red-white-and-blue ornament in appreciation for your contribution of $30 or more to help Grassfire build. Contribute $50 or more this Christmas season and we'll send you two. Shipping is absolutely FREE!

"Let's Go Brandon!" Christmas ornaments are perfect for your tree, and they also make great gifts. But with December 25th coming up fast, Grassfire was only able to acquire a very limited quantity. These Yuletide keepsakes are expected in our warehouse soon, so click here to reserve yours now.

As a special bonus for helping Grassfire build this Christmas season, you'll also receive one of our "Let's Go Brandon!" ReStickers. These 3" x 9" state-of-the-art bumper stickers can be applied and re-applied to virtually any smooth surface.

+ + Help Grassfire And Receive "Let's Go Brandon!" As Our Gift

Join the MILLIONS of "America First" patriots who are defiantly saying, "Let's Go Brandon"! We don't think this new rally cry of the cancelled masses is going away anytime soon. The conservative masses who have been silenced by Big Tech, lied to by Big Media and persecuted by "Big Joe" are taking back our nation -- one "Let's Go Brandon" chant at a time!

This Christmas, stand with Grassfire and tell the Biden regime what you really think. Click here now to receive your "Let's Go Brandon!" Christmas ornament and ReSticker when you help us build. Thanks, in advance, for your support.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. America has a new rally cry: "Let's Go Brandon!" Join the movement this holiday season with our exclusively designed, "Let's Go Brandon!" ceramic Christmas ornament. Order one for yourself and give one to a family member or friend. Click here or on the banner below to support Grassfire, while pushing back against the tyranny and failures of the Biden regime:

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