We hope you saw our message yesterday on the numerous SNEAK ATTACKS under way in Congress to impose the anti-faith Equality Act in a piecemeal manner.

The common thread in these sneak-attack bills -- and the original Equality Act -- is the effort to strip people of faith of their religious liberties and force us to endorse and support the LGBT, SOGI agenda.

Some of these SNEAK ATTACK bills specifically reject any religious exemption claims and would force just about every business, church, or public space to accommodate the SOGI agenda, including having men in women's bathrooms.

If you are outraged by this SNEAK ATTACK approach to passing the anti-faith Equality Act, go here now to send faxes to the key GOP Senators who are being targeted by the LGBT community -- along with your two state senators. And see below for more details.


P.S. These bills are active in Congress NOW and will sneak through unless citizens take a stand. Go here to take action:

Click here for more information.