Mueller LIVE: Report does NOT exonerate Trump!

Robert Mueller is testifying LIVE right now -- and already he has stated that his report does NOT exonerate the President.

And he's refusing to answer questions regarding the REAL collusion story -- how this entire witch hunt got started!


This is the last opportunity to let your voice be heard during these hearings. GO HERE NOW TO FAX THE GOP MEMBERS OF THE MUELLER COMMITTEES and demand that they ask real questions regarding the genesis of this witch hunt:

Again, Mueller and the Democrats are ON THE ATTACK. And Mueller is refusing to address the REAL COLLUSION STORY of the genesis of this witch hunt involving Team Obama, Comey, Hillary, the bogus dossier, etc.

Send faxes here. More below.


P.S. You can watch the hearings live here on CSPAN.

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  • Randall Hawn
    commented 2019-07-24 09:44:23 -0400
    Why can’t Mueller respond to any of the questions around the origination of the Russian investigation? The Democrats are really good at playing stupid and conveniently forgetting the most critical facts. We spent $40 Million to get to this end result. Thank God for Gommert.
  • MrSpanky
    commented 2019-07-24 09:39:55 -0400
    Look at the overt ways GB has treated Tommy Robinson, merely for publicly speaking out against the left. He did not wear a mask. He did not threaten to, or commit, acts of violence. America, as Tommy warned, must understand the implications that free speech violations and abuses can have, and is having on our republic. After decades of conservative complicity, silence, ignorance and naivety, compassion and faith in God, along with our blind allegiance to our imperfect system of government, we are now seeing the left’s, agenda-driven timeline accelerate. Why have they have become increasingly brazen and overt? Partly because the left has been exposed by Trump and other freedom-loving patriots. Also because history has been effectively diminished or erased, or just forgotten and ignored. And in part, because the left is as close to realizing their primary agenda of total control of…“fundamentally changing America”…as they have ever been. The left, the progressives, the socialists, the communists, along with their village-idiot followers, and their paid anarchist thugs, are collectively tearing individual freedoms, and liberty, and morality to absolute shreds, by silencing or eliminating one life, one child, one word, one principal, one thought, one image, one soundbite, one idea, one religion, one rule, one regulation, one law, one reporter, one blogger, one conservative voice, and one constitutional right at a time. They are incessant, they are immoral, they are unrepentant, and they are ruthless. Tragically, many of the left, don’t know why, they align themselves with the left, in the first place. If permitted to continue unabated, at the present pace, and if the left succeeds in destroying our constitution, our means to speak out, our right to protect ourselves (from them and others who would harm us and our way of life), then it will be the end of America, as we know now her, and later perhaps, tolerated to remember her. POTUS, Ronald Reagan once said, “We are just one generation away from losing our democracy.” How long has it been, count the generations since he made that prophetic statement? Now look around the country. No, look at the rest of the world. What have we all witnessed or read about, or heard about, that might indicate that Reagan was right? Ask yourself whether you know the whole story? What aren’t we being told? Have any facts been omitted? Have outright lies ever been disseminated, by a complicit media, as the truth? Are you either “blind” to the facts, or only ignorant? Are you naïve or just afraid? Have you been living life, oblivious and unconcerned, with your head stuck in the sand? Will it be too late, when and if we finally understand the very real implications and consequences of losing our freedoms, or is it already too late? Or must we re-learn, the hard way, once again? Are we doomed to repeat the past? Will the left control America, as they have controlled other failed nations? At what cost? How many lives will be sacrificed in the name of progress? When will the left finally be admonished and de-fanged? Donald Trump will remain the POTUS, God willing, until January, 2024. Maybe he could be appointed to the SCOTUS?:) Beyond 2024, who knows? God bless America.