This is regarding the Mueller hearings. I'm calling on Commitee members to ask the REAL QUESTIONS regarding the true nature of the Witch Hunt against President Trump.


With the Mueller Report concluding that there was NO COLLUSION, it's time for real answers on the genesis of this witch hunt, including the role played by the Obama Administration, the Obama FBI, the Clinton Campaign, James Comey and others.


The now-released Mueller Report has found that there was NO COLLUSION -- just as President Trump established all along. Now it's time to find out what caused this witch hunt to be launchd. This is the REAL collusion story that must be uncovered!


It is outrageous that such a Witch Hunt was conducted against the President, especially when the genesis of the investigation stemmed from a bogus anti-Trump dossier that was funded by political opponents of the President. We deserve answers. What did the Obama Administration know, and when did they know it? What role did the Obama FBI play in funding and fueling this Witch Hunt? And what will be done regarding the direct links to the Clinton campaign and the DNC?


It's time to investigate the investigators!