The "virtue signaling" and COVID "theater" continues at the White House. Earlier this week, we told you how Joe has been wearing a useless "face diaper" since Jill Biden tested positive for the virus this week.

Yesterday afternoon, he shuffled into the State Dining room, mask in hand -- not on his face, to deliver remarks about a new union contract for America's West Coast ports. Immediately, the so-called "Commander-in-Chief" raised questions about who's calling the shots in his Regime:

"Hello, everybody. Let me explain to the press. I've been tested [for Covid] again today. I'm clear across the board. But they keep telling me, because this has to be ten days or something, I gotta keep wearing it. But don't tell them I didn't have it on when I walked in."

Who are "they" and "them," Joe? Obviously, you don't want to wear a mask. Neither do millions and millions of other Americans. So why continue the charade of pretending that cloth and surgical masks stop COVID? They don't!

We're entering another cold-and-flu season, as well as a pivotal election year, and COVID tyranny is rising across America with the number of ridiculous mask mandates increasing. "America First" patriots MUST take immediate action to REJECT a return to masks, mandates and shutdowns.

Your voice is urgently needed to stop Joe's Regime and the radical, unhinged Left from engaging, once again, in full-blown COVID TYRANNY! Don't let them re-mask America, re-impose shutdowns or mandate vaccines that restrict freedom, destroy the economy and trample our constitutional rights!

Take a stand against UNCONSTITUTIONAL MASK EDICTS, JAB MANDATES AND SHUTDOWNS. Click here or on the banner below to sign the national "NO MASKS! NO SHUTDOWNS!" petition now:

+ + Petition GOP House And Senate Members NOW!

Take action to stop Joe's tyrannical, fascist regime from forcing America back down the RABBIT HOLE. Don't let them use a virus as an excuse to STRIP AWAY OUR RIGHTS and "reset" America into a socialist, totalitarian country -- AGAIN!

If you're alarmed and outraged by a rise in COVID TYRANNY, go here to say: "NO MASKS! NO MANDATES! NO SHUTDOWNS!" Or ignore this message, do nothing and risk ANOTHER attack on your freedom.

Liberty-loving patriots must PUSH BACK against this COVID tyranny! Say NO to re-masking the American people (especially children!). Say NO to jab mandates. Say NO to more shutdowns and totalitarian edicts. Or say NOTHING -- and run the risk of watching American freedoms be stripped away -- again!

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. By re-masking America, mandating vaccines, threatening shutdowns and suspending personal-property rights, Joe Biden and the radical, unhinged Left have become tyrants. But you can push back against their COVID tyranny by adding your name to the national "No Masks! No Shutdowns!" petition. Government tyrants stripped away our freedoms once. Shame on liberty-loving Americans if they're allowed to do it again! Go here to make your voice heard:


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