UPDATE: Wednesday, August 23

Joe's gaffe-filled Hawaii visit on Monday sparked outrage among friends and foes alike. Refusing to comment publicly about the deadly Maui wildfires for a full week was bad enough. But when he did finally did mention the disaster on August 15, Joe appeared to forget the name of the island.

It took him 13 days to finally arrive for what was little more than a photo op. He interrupted his latest tax-payer-funded vacation, this time in Montana, to spend a few hours on Maui delivering exaggerated stories, hollow words and bad jokes to wildfire victims. The New York Post's editorial board blasted Monday's visit:

"Even by Joe's low standards, this trip was a debacle. Our tone-deaf commander-in-chief takes off from the Lake Tahoe home of a Democratic donor, does a fly-by of the island, then turns around to go back on vacation. ... (T)his isn't empathy. This is ego. And it's insulting."

See our previous email below to learn more about Joe's multiple Maui "mishaps" on Monday. Or take immediate action by signing the national petition, demanding his impeachment. Click here now to tell GOP leaders: "Joe Must Go!" Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard.

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Tuesday evening:

It took almost two full weeks, but Joe finally made it to Maui. Wildfires killed at least 114 people on the Hawaiian island earlier this month, and more than 800 are still missing. The horrific natural disaster continues taking a toll on thousands of Americans who have lost everything.

If the mainstream media had a shred of honesty and objectivity, the entire world would see what a failure Joe's journey to Maui was yesterday. Here are some "lowlights" you're likely to see ONLY from "America First" outlets, like Grassfire:

1. Joe was jeered by protestors as his motorcade made its way from the airport.

2. Joe started his speech to Maui victims with a 51-year-old story about the deaths of his first wife and daughter.

3. Joe re-told his fable about knowing "what it's like to lose a home." (In 2004, lightning started a fire that was contained to the Biden's kitchen and, reportedly, was under control in 20 minutes.)

4. Joe looked confused and disorientated after finishing his Maui speech.

5. Joe joked about "hot ground" while touring wildfire damage.

6. Joe appeared to be dozing off during a Lahaina community event.

It's obvious why it took Joe nearly two weeks to visit the site of the deadly disaster. His multiple gaffes and mishaps yesterday exposed his suspected cognitive impairment for everyone to see.

+ + Is It Time For The House To Impeach Joe?

As if the multiple scandals and corruption allegations hanging over this "puppet presidency" aren't bad enough, a weak, callous and disconnected visit like yesterday's makes millions question Joe's mental and physical fitness for office. Do you think it's time for the GOP to take action?

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P.S. Again, if Joe's Maui visit served any meaningful purpose yesterday, it should have been to warn the American people of just how mentally and physically unfit this "puppet president" appears to be. Click here or on the banner below to sign the "Joe Must Go!" national petition now:


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